Jesus Said, “Shake the dust off your feet”

I have issues with some of these Christian Culture Police.  They march and demand and scream and impose on people.  They speak  “In the name of Jesus”.  They feel that they are called to shine the light of condemnation on those people who they deem are not conforming to the Laws of Moses.  They feel justified in vilifying their targets based on what they’ve read in the Old Testament. 

Their favorite targets are homosexuals.  They go after them with a vengence.  I wonder, though, what their true agenda is.  Is it that they want God’s best for homosexual people, or is it that they want to spew forth their wrath on somebody “in Jesus’ name”?   Because the Christian Culture Police (CCP) that I see and hear and read about always show forth a condemning and overbearing spirit–they are very much like the Pharisees of the Bible!  They don’t approach the homosexual with the love of Christ as Jesus requires, but with the condemnation of the Law, which Jesus fulfilled!  If they judged themselves with the same Law, they would fall woefully short,  moreso than the homosexual whom they persecute!  We all fall short.

These CCP  have made it their mission to chase down the homosexual as though they are doing God’s work.  But do the CCP remember what Jesus said?  Do they even know what Jesus said?   Jesus never told us to chase down evil doers.  He told us to “shake the dust from our feet” (Matt 10:14) against  those who seem entrenched in their sins, and that goes for all of us, not just homosexuals.   We are called to speak God’s Word to them.  His Holy Spirit draws people to Him, not us. We don’t have that power.  He never told us to chase sinners down and protest against them and call them out in the media and curse them and try to block them and legislate them from sinning.    

It’s up to the person to choose to follow the Lord Jesus.  His Holy Spirit draws men unto Him at the right time.  God does a work in the heart of the person.  The Holy Spirit whispers to the heart of that person.   All things working together–an open heart to God, brokeness, God drawing the person to Him, the person’s repentence, God revealing Himself to the person and showing him or her truth–all of these things work together in the amount of time that God controls to bring the person to Him.  It may take a person a few hours, or a few days, or weeks, months or even years to respond to the Holy Spirit!  Some never will!  We have no control over that.

What we as Christians are called to do is to LOVE.  Love the sinner.  Show love, be loving, be kind, be gracious, be forgiving.  This is the best thing we can do.  It is the power that God has given us.  Anyone who truly wants to help another who appears to be entrenched in a certain sin can help that person by simply loving them with the love of Christ.  So that means that we don’t protest against them, and expect them to come to Christ.  We don’t vilify them and expect them to come to Christ.  We don’t smash them in their heads with our Bibles and expect them to come to Christ.  If after we share God’s Word with them and show them the love of Christ they still insist on being entrenched, then we simply keep it moving along–shake the dust from our feet.

For those who decide to chase folks down and browbeat them, let them know that they are not doing the Lord’s work at all, but are instead certainly glorifying and uplifting satan and are laboring in the devil’s workshop along side of his demons.


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  1. Ann Brock says:

    Anna thanks for the post….I to believe it’s wrong for Christian groups to use force as a means of trying to force someone to do something.
    To call homosexuality sin is not wrong, but to use the knowledge that homosexuality is sin against someone for the purpose of driving them away from God is sin….Every time I see these groups with signs reading God hates “fags” It hurts my heart that those groups claim to identify with a loving God….I had a couple of people to take me off their blog roll because I would not use my blog to attack gays.

  2. Reggie says:

    I guess the thing that I think about most when I see stuff like this is how at one time in this country’s history; that people in the pulpit used to say that slavery was God’s will and that people of color that were disobedient to their “owners” were being disobedient to God.

    I guess I have to go back to that old quote from Gandhi…..”I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

  3. asabagna says:

    True words Sis.

    @Reggie: I love that quote by Gandhi!

  4. Anna Renee says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments! We Christians have to be very careful to not be hateful above all. God has given us this very important charge to be loving–to all people!

  5. Lin says:

    Sometimes, people carry religion as a banner, and others use it as a sword. The sad thing is, there are those who tend to only use it to knock others down, or to cut into them with a circumcision that bleeds from the core of their humanity… and this feels very far away from what the reality of Love is, or is supposed to be. Instead, what they do is much more representative of what hatred truly is. That saddens me. I’m sure it must sadden Jesus as well.

    I think Stevie Wonder said it best: “They Won’t Go Where I Go.”


  6. max schaller says:

    The CCP is the main reason why I quit the holy rollers and became a Lutheran. The holy rollers (pentecostal and holiness churches) claim that we can come to Jesus on our
    own, yet the problem is that we are not born with a clean slate! It is the Holy Spirit through the Grace of God draws us to Jesus. What does the CCp want a perfect world? The
    last time I checked the perfect world did exist in the Garden of Eden. The CCP checked out of reality when they
    bash people into being holy on their own.

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