Beautiful Dark Skinned Women



(DID I MISS ANYBODY? Send me your dark skinned beauties pictures and I’ll feature them!)


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35 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks. I really needed this post. Your photo message came right on time. I’ve been dealing with body issues for almost two years. Just looking at the pictures helped boost my fragile ego. For me I think once I went past age 50 and menopause set in good I began to have a mid-life crisis.

    Having some of my female co-workers make insulting remarks about my appearance did not help. Many times when I arrived home I’d cry. I’ve been trying to conquer some serious health issues and their verbal abuse was not helping me. Fortunately I was able to get positive reinforcement from the guys I work with.

    I’m regaining my confidence and hope to post selective photos of myself on my website featuring my tattoos. I need to do more things to build myself up.

    Many Thanks and God Bless.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Send me your picture so I can add you in, beautiful!!

  2. EnSayn says:

    Glad you posted Ledisi, I love her music and her looks! HOT!!!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Brother Ensayn, Ledisi is beautiful visually, spiritually, vocally and personality wise!!! I got a clip of her and Rachelle Ferrell singing and vibing off each other!! It was madness!!! Too much talent in one small space OUGHT to be illegal!!!
      check it HERE

  3. lin says:

    These are beautiful examples of dark-skinDID queens, Anna. But I’m an old skool judge of beauty… so some Judy Pace up in here would be mad lovely also. I think waaay back in 1970, she was voted “The Most Beautiful BLACK Girl In Los Angeles.” Google her image if you’re not aware of who she is.


    1. Anna Renee says:

      Oh YEAH!! Judy Pace is gorgeous!!! Happy to add her in, and while I was at it, Brenda Sykes, another beauty of that era!!!

  4. Anna Renee says:

    I think I went a little gaga or sumptin! Kind of a lot of pictures!! I hope Google doesn’t find out!!!

    Still looking for more dark skindid beauties, y’all!!

  5. Jason says:

    Anna, thank you for making my eyes smile!

    You can add:

    Lizz Wright
    Jill Marie Jones
    Akousa Busia
    N’Bushe Wright
    Viola Davis
    Natasha Ellie

    1. Anna Renee says:

      I love it when brothers eyes are smiling!!! Yep yep for the other sisters!!

  6. Val says:

    Wow, what a post. I know it took a lot of googling to put this together! Great job.

    I would nominate Tamryn Hall, Kerry Washington, Tracey Heggins, Tracee Ellis Ross, Angela Bassett and Liya Kebede.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      I’m gonna do a part two for the dark skinned beauties!!

      Every body keep the suggestions coming!!! Much love to the dark skinned beauties!!!

  7. Reggie says:

    Lawd have mercy!!! Look at all that chocolate!!!

    A sight like that will make a man’s tongue slap his brains clean out!!!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      I added a couple of Centaurs up in there, just for your viewing pleasure, brother Reggie! ;D

  8. Ann says:

    Anna I love it!! I’m proud of how Alek have handle all the hatful criticism that have been hurl her way.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hi Ann! When you believe the best of yourself, then what others may say will NOT matter!!! Alek is beautiful, whether some can fathom it or not!! And look where she is (SUPER MODEL) and where the haters are!!!
      Alek is WORKING IT! And working it WELL!!!

  9. Anna Renee says:



  10. lin says:

    Here’s another suggestion for inclusion, Sista Anna:

    The FIRST Dark-skindid Miss USA: Kenya Moore! That woman was mad GORGEOUS, back then & remains so now!


  11. Ankhesen says:

    OMG – such beauty!!! Thanks, Anna!!!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      We are beautiful, aren’t we? And it has nothing to do with white standards. It’s our own standards, baby!! Ask!

      1. Ankhesen says:

        Girl…as long as you’re talking, I’m most definitely listening.

        I took one look and was rendered breathless. Thanks for including various-sized ladies, by the way. Nous sommes tres, tres, tres belles.

        1. Anna Renee says:

          Yes, yes, we are, we are!

  12. Ryon Christie says:

    I am a male but I think that what your doing is very positive.
    Cause we live in a time when TV, Hollywood,music videos and magazines are deliberately only showing attractive black women who are light skinned or with almost European features whilst dark skinned women with typical black features are usually only shown when they are unattractive, average looking or obese and they have been getting away with this for decades.
    They just will not except the notion that a black woman can be dark skinned with typical black features and be attractive.
    It would be good if you and other like minded organisations organised a conference on it or did a black woman march on Washington or Hollywood similar to the million man march.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hi there, Brother Ryon!

      Yes they refuse to accept the notion of a beautiful dark skinned woman, but we don’t have to accept it. This is my proof of our beauty – I have two lists too!

      1. One day I happened to be posted in the Egyptian Wing at the museum and saw a Canopic Jar with features just like mine. I felt I was looking back at myself separated by 5000 Millennium.
        The curators had put on the description that the jar might have at one point contained some of the remains of Queen Tiye, the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and mother of Pharaoh Akhenaten. Then if I walk back to our Hatsheput exhibit I see more faces of a royal leader whom I resemble. Sometimes I think if we could go back in our thinking to the great days of Queen Tiye, Pharaoh Hatsheput or the Queen of Sheba, Ethiopia we’d place a higher value on dark skinned sisters as the Kings of ancient times did so long ago.

        1. Anna Renee says:

          “Sometimes I think if we could go back in our thinking to the great days of Queen Tiye, Pharaoh Hatsheput or the Queen of Sheba, Ethiopia we’d place a higher value on dark skinned sisters as the Kings of ancient times did so long ago.” I agree with that wholeheartedly!

  13. LR says:

    Good news about black people. They don’t age fast and they look better as they age, both male and female. Also black women tend to smile more than white, Latina, Middle Eastern, or Asian women for example and black men love women who smile, whereas white men and men of other races, they hate women who smile and often think of women who smile as slutty and obnoxious. White men and men of other races rather than black men prefer mysterious, aloof, cold, emotionally unavailable women instead because they look more elegant.

  14. I luv this article..Simply beautiful

  15. Veronnica says:

    Honestly, those women aren’t very attractive. Most of them have insanely big lips or noses. I know it’s not fair, but when a black woman is beautiful, it’s usually because she has white or Asian or something else in her that takes away form the black…Vanessa Williams, Beyonce, Aaliyah, Alicia Keyes, Rosario Dawson, Rihanna, Halle Berry, Esther Baxter, Kelis, even Hollywood seems to think black women aren’t screen or magazine worthy unless they have another race in them. Usually the only black woman that are famous and are 100% percent black are singers, would can ride on their voice instead of their looks. It’s sad, and confuses me. I want to know why black women aren’t pretty!? Seriously, my niece and I tried to come up with gorgeous black women celebs, and we couldn’t come up with one that wasn’t mixed race. This would make me mad if I was a black woman. And what’s up with their body shapes? A black woman only has big boobs if they’re fake or fat….if they’re thin they have small boobs, a wide waist with masculine muscle tone, a crazy big butt, and really thick thighs and long lanky arms. What’s up with that? I’m going to say what all of us know but won’t voice…if a black woman is beautiful, she is either mixed, or has very European (white) features, and thin nose, nicely proportioned lips, and a white womans body.
    I’m not being hateful, I’m just saying what I see. It’s the same as saying Asian women have gorgeous silky hair, they just do! It’s the truth. I really do want a scientific explanation for why black women aren’t pretty like other races of women.
    Another point is how black men love white women. They may even say they don’t care for white women, but if classy, beautiful, well dressed white woman showed interest in him, he’d drop his black girl in a second. I personally am only attracted to white older men….but I’ve also noticed when a black man dates a refined white woman, he begins to speak, act, and dress, welll, white! He becomes financially responsible, makes white friends, stays out of trouble, and speaks proper English. I’ve been told by close black male friends that their disinterest in black women is not only physical, but because of how loud and obnoxious and dramatic they are. If they do date a black woman, she behaves and sounds like a white girl.
    Very interesting.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      As you and I both know Veronnica, a black woman’s beauty IS her gorgeous full lips, rounded full nose, beautifully and fully curved hips!!

      The black woman’s fabulousness is in the profound God given gift of her infinite varieties of beautiful shades of brown, from the very lightest cream, to the darkest midnight! We black women have been gifted with beautiful curvy hips, and even the skinniest black woman STILL has a little curve to her hips. We have gorgeous thick legs and thighs as well as slender, slim and athletic ones! My God, we even have gorgeously proportioned arms, from the thinnest ones all the way the thick curvy ones! Even when we’re out of shape and not taking good care, we often will STILL have an hour glass figure, propotionately speaking. Of course being healthy shows off our beauty much better.

      We, the black women of the world, are a huge variety of beauty, and for that we are deeply hated on. We have to bear the brunt of this vile and incessant hatred, and unfortunately, too many of us aren’t able to stand up strong under the never ending volumes of hate. We then succumb to the pressure, and arent able to appreciate our beauty. (The hate is not unlike that same hatred that fat white women get, especially when they consider themselves beautiful. Society harps and harps on them and they usually fall apart emotionally. It’s understandable.)

      But as for the black woman, a new day has arisen. I’m sure you’ve noticed, Veronnica, that many black women have decided to spread the power of our beauty outward and forward. Like an avalanche, we are stepping forward and embracing our unique beauty – not comparing it to white beauty, asian beauty, Indian beauty or any other. We are simply standing up, and all other beauty will have to stand or fall next to us. Either other races will deal with our “in your face” unmistakable black beauty and celebrate it with us, or they will fall and try to ridicule, put down and diminish it.

      What more and more black women are finding is that we can’t be diminished, no matter what we have tried to do to diminish ourselves and our powerful beauty, so we might as well agree with God and stand up in the fullness of our undiminishable beauty.

      Based on your seeking pictures of black beauty, and finding yourself at my blog on beautiful darkskinned black women, Veronnica, I can see that you CAN STAND it!! You’ve got the power! You have the ability to view black beauty and recognize it, analyze it, and quantify it. I understand why you call the magnificence of black woman beauty something ugly. Your culture won’t allow you to be honest, and I fully understand it. The truth of what ones says is not always in the words they speak, but the actions they take.

      I am positively assured that you will keep looking at, and keep studying black woman’s beauty. You have done quite a bit of research based on your detailed analysis of the black woman’s beauty, body part by body part. What you need to do now, is gather the strength to go against your society’s dictates, and just call a spade a beautiful spade! Just go on and say it, Veronnica, and liberate yourself!!!


      1. Veronnica says:

        It’s great that you see yourself as beautiful, everyone should, but the world doesn’t have to agree with you. I’m sorry, I just don’t see black women as pretty. It’s just my opinion. Scientifically there are literal symmetrical measurements that make up what is considered the most attractive face to men. They changed the color on the faces with the same symmetry and got Elizabeth Taylor, Hall Berry, then Marilyn Monroe (which is interesting because Marilyn had plastic surgery). It is shown that black women’s features are very off scale on this attractiveness formula.
        Saying black women aren’t pretty is as much a fact to me as saying I think Asian’s have gorgeous hair, and children are innocent. It just is what it is. You don’t have to agree. To be honest I only read the first couple lines of your post before I realized you’re just mad because of what I said being that you are a black woman. I am entitled to my say, as you are yours.
        Be angry all you want. It won’t make you prettier.
        My experiences with black women is them telling me how they long for my hair, the shine and silkiness of it, the perfect light pink pigment of my lips, my tiny waist and large breasts and hips. I even had a sweet little girl come to me at my niece’s gymnasium and ask, “are you a princess?”
        I honestly feel bad for black women. I would really like to know why they evolved this way.

  16. Veronnica says:

    And it’s not a cultural thing, at least not for me. It’s purely visual.

    I have done a lot of research on this. I’m very proud of my beauty, and have close black friends that are gorgeous on the inside. I want to know why they were shortchanged.
    I would never say this to their faces because it would be hurtful, which is why I can post here….I love my friends……and it’s important that they think they are beautiful (which they don’t, and that bothers me as well), but the world may not see what you see.
    I’m sure I’m not attractive to certain men, men that do love black women, or Asian women, may not like me….maybe it’s just a preference thing.
    I too believe God made ALL people, and would love to ask Him why this is. If I were a black woman, this would make me very upset.

  17. Veronnica says:

    And you mention fat people, that a perfect analogy. Putting feelings aside, we all know a fat person is not what’s considered attractive either. We go back to instincts, and want a physically healthy looking mate for reproduction. It’s just simple scientific fact.

    I don’t hate anyone, period. Beauty is important, and I honestly want answers.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      You’re gonna have to ask God for the answers. I can’t help you Veronnica. But God can. And if you pray fervently, he may bless you with the answers you need, and not necessarily those you seek. God is notorious for doing stuff like that.

      1. Veronnica says:

        I’m very devout, and pray many times throughout the day. I have posed this to God, but no answers have come. I suppose it’s not really important to God to answer this question for me, as it’s not a big issue. I may never have answers. The world may never have an answer, but, I’ll know when I get to Heaven.

  18. Veronnica says:

    This was bothering me SO much, I kept looking and looking….and I know what I think doesn’t count for crap, which is fine, but I know things I’ve said may be hurtful, which was not my intention, so, I just wanted to say, I think Margaret Avery is a beautiful black woman!

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