Maurice Copeland, Relentless Honeywell Whistleblower, Powerful Revolutionary

It’s too bad that so many political and social activists aren’t getting the media attention that their particular battles merit.  They are struggling for the rights of the people.  They have seen inequity, unfairness, and downright heinousness–in their workplaces, their communities and in the world!  Rather than turn a blind eye, they have raised their hands and proclaimed “Here am I, send me”!  These warriors fight the good fight, oftentimes alone, or with few along side of them.  This doesn’t stop them, though.  What it does is toughens them.  They become lean, mean fighting machines–snatching every advantage to further their battle.  They are focused like lasers and are fearless in every sense of the word.

Brother Maurice Copeland is just such a man.  A self described “revolutionary brother”  he battles against the “Powers That Be” at Honeywell in Kansas City.  Not only is he a revolutionary fighter, but he’s also an artist!  One day he visited my blog and left this message:


I am a Old School Brother, not afraid to use the word revolution! I am fighting EVERYDAY for my people, just search the name: Maurice Copeland, poet, Artist, Activist, whistlerblower, honeywell Kansas City.

Token Blackfolk are what is proving to be my greatest roadblocks.


Now how about that?  I like his attitude!  So I went ahead and Googled him and this is what I found out about the brother.  He worked at Honeywell in Kansas City where many unskilled black workers were offered these good paying jobs back in the day.   Many of them were doing  support type work, like sweeping up, running errands cleaning up and the like.  They were making good money for this and oftentimes these jobs kinda fell in their laps.  They were easily got.  (suspicious).  Their workplace was where “nuclear component parts” were being fabricated.  They must have been told it was safe, or probably told nothing, just paid their good salaries.  They probably thought they had finally got a piece of the American pie.  But what actually was happening after time was many of these black workers were becoming very ill with all kinds of cancers and mysterious diseases, yet they were only in their mid and late thirties and forties.  (More suspicion). 

What was discovered was that the making of “nuclear component parts” is as dangerous as making the weapons themselves, and these black support workers often went in behind the workers, not wearing any protective gear, not washing themselves down afterwards and not taking any precautions or doing any of the protective steps that is required of workers in nuclear plants.  Honeywell just had these people going in and dusting and vacuuming up radioactive stuff, fluffing it all around, kicking up the dust of it, and they weren’t even aware of what it was.  Honeywell simply sent them in and the workers cleaned up without questioning anything.  They didn’t even think to question anything.  Until they were very ill, and unable to even function, by which time their illness forced them to stop working.  Some didn’t even make the connection of their illness to their jobs.  In the meantime Honeywell just lured more workers with those nice salaries.   Some really foul stuff was going on and being covered up. 

In the meantime, brother Maurice Copeland worked his way through the ranks and reached the level of manager, but avoided the dangers somehow.   But he found out about all of this and made his decision to fight against it.  He says that the company in promoting him to manger, made a grave error thinking he might have been one for laying down and rolling over, and not fighting.  Elder Maurice has got me thinking about the Spook  sitting by the door!  Check out the video and the newpaper article links, and learn about what a warrior brother looks like!

I’m honoring brother Maurice Copeland for being a fighter and not laying down when so many others would have.  He’s still struggling against the cover up that happened.  I found a blog post dated 12-20-2010 written ironically about that same Honeywell plant being awarded a pretigious award of some sort.  Of course Brother Copeland wrote in a response denouncing this travesty by exposing the fact that there is a list of over 250 workers who have actually DIED because of the egregious wrongs committed by Honeywell.

He’s still fighting!


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  1. Amenta says:

    Anna Renee, I think this is very timely. IMO, we are now at a cross roads that needs to be recognized. Our community is no more. It is not new that other NBC (Negro/Black/Colored) have been and are our biggest stumbling blocks. Mr. Copeland said “Token Blackfolk are what is proving to be my greatest roadblocks.”

    We have NBC’s that are sleeping and because they enjoy the slumber they will fight you every step of the way. They no longer go and tell “de white man” as they did with Nat Turner or Dr. Martin Luther King (FBI spies in his camp) the steal from you, they murder you, the look at you with scorn and later when they need you the say “he sista or brotha can’t you help me and mines.” We now have to look at preserving those of us that want true liberation and true life, not just what others have, no longer just wanting to live like white folk, but “getting” money. We may have to leave these folk by the wayside.

    Peace, sista!

  2. We need to study ourselves and our greatness and do what WE need to do.

    Thank you so much for the wisdom! Mourn the 250 sisters and brothers and react! Let us provide jobs for our sisters and brothers out there!

    Knowledge is Power!

  3. maurice copeland says:

    I am very grateful you researched my(our) actions on this NATIONWIDE matter. The Nuclear Weapons complex is one that everyone is convinced we need at this time, I do too, but only because everyone hates us. Most probably have good reason to dislike us, so until we can make recompence, I want my children protected. The situation as it stands in the production of Nuclear Weapons is a VERY DIRTY process. Does it have to be? No!

    The only reason it was back in the day, was and still is GREED!
    Greed from the corporations and politicians. If this WHOLE story, No let me say, WHEN THIS WHOLE STORY COMES OUT, more people in many industries will gain in many ways, but the greatest gain will be that our children will be safer and healthier. Also maybe the world will see that the production of the ultimate weapons of destruction, first kills the manufacturer of it, sort of like the curse of Pharoh.
    If anyone would like to see just how UNJUST this situation is, go to:

    follow the reports on the Bannister Federal Complex
    Maurice Copeland, Thank you Anna

  4. Anna Renee says:

    @Ensayn, it seems that there will always be those sellout types, even in Jesus’ time He had to deal with them, or go around them. We just have to do the same thing, no matter how hard it is, I guess.

    @MyHBCU, I agree! It’s the only way for us to wake up in from this slumber. Not all are willing as brother Ensayn says. But to those who are, we can do alot of damage against this onslaught against us.

    @Brother Maurice Copeland—I’m honored to talk about your work, you and those who work along side of you. I admire your tenacity!! That’s what it takes to get the job done. As it’s said, while hammering on a large rock, it seems that nothing is happening, but when one keeps on hammering, finally there’s that blow that tears the rock apart! You, are that hammer, and Honeywell, that boulder destined to crumble! You and everyone who works with you and for you can bring Honeywell down!
    I’ll be checking out the link you provided and I’ll post it as well.
    Thank you brother, elder, wise man, revolutionary!!! You show us how to fight with strength, determination, and the right mindset.


  5. Karen Hernandez says:

    Brother Maurice Copeland is the most dedicated social activist and advocate for justice that I have ever met. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be proud of his efforts to right the wrongs committed by Honeywell. I hope the community listens to what this man has to say, before anyone else ends up sick and dying because of corporate greed. God bless you, Maurice!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Imagine if we could duplicate the tenacity of brother Maurice Copeland all over North America, and even in the world, for every type of injustice!

      I dare say that this world would be a better place.

  6. James McCoy says:

    I’m not shocked to learn of the Honeywell situation,I have for a few years now been trying to get people here in Pittsburgh aware of the high rate of cancer among former steel workers and miners,in our community.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Wow! This stuff is maddening! We folks get it coming from all directions it seems. We have to deal with it though.

    2. maurice copeland says:

      Any way we can help you uncovering the KNOWN AND UNPROTECTED HAZARDS, Let us known, we are very active, AND TOGETHER we can harnness this unnecessary GREED going on, GREED THAT HAS Contaminates our cities and it’s people. We understand we must be productive in our country, we understand we must protect the environment, we also understand Environment Justice must work on behalf of the HUMAN element in the future endeavors. If to be the best, BIGGEST AND MOST POWERFUL in Nuclear Defense, and other industries, WELL let us go for it, BUT not at the cost of unnecessary suffering and unknown,undiagnosed, misdiagnosed illnesses…our industries runs along the same railroad tracks, hook up with THIS EXPRESS!

  7. Sahj Kaya says:

    Thank you so much for “shining the Light on not only what taking place in Kansas City nuclear weapons industrial complex but one of my hero’s MAURICE COPELAND! He is truly a courageous revolutionary a loving good man with something so rare in humans today Integrity, and HONESTY! Thank you so much is art is awesome thought provoking, I have worked with him over the years on this issue, will jump when he calls he loves and cares about the workers and humanity and I love him for it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      My pleasure, my pleasure, MY HONOR!!!

  8. Amenta says:

    Anna Renee, thank you for this post, your excellent research. And to Mr. Copeland KEEP UP THE FIGHT! We need forces like yourself.

    Thank you

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Thanks Brother!

      I feel that we black bloggers owe our brothers and sisters who are out there fighting to at least support them by talking and writing about what they are doing for our communities!!

      We owe them to use our blogs to get the word of their struggles out there. Rather than lament the main stream media’s lack of attention to our causes. We can broadcast and publish our own stories. IMHO

  9. marlon smith says:

    every meeting we have had they bring in new people come ,why have they not split up the new people from old.the advanced people keep going back to beginning like they are starting program . they need to test for not one test but for all cancer causing materials. i have been sick for over three years now and i still do not have the answers i need. why was we even exposed to this why wasnt we wearing the proper clothing or equipment so this wouldnt happened to many more people have to get sick before congress the president of the united states will get involved and straighten this big disaster out, i think our state legislature should go to the president themselves and demand action be taken… marlon smith [one of the many sick from honeywell]

    1. Thank Marlon for speaking out!

  10. ppjg says:

    Reblogged this on The PPJ Gazette.

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