Fine Black Men Who Know How To Cook!

Television Celebrity Chefs G Garvin

I like watching the Food Network and other cooking shows, especially when the men are cooking.  I loved Emeril’s throwing down his BAM all over the place!  I loved that cute white boy Tyler Florence and his grilling everything and I loved Bobby Flay as well.  As for the ladies:  Paula Deen is at the top of my list because she cooks everything with a pound of butter!  Your know your mouth watered when she threw another stick of butter in that pan!  You know it wasn’t right, but …  Then there is Rachel Ray and she is just as cute as could be with her cooking slangs EVOO (look it up if you don’t know).   Then there’s Ina Garten who won’t cook if there’s no flavor in it, and if she can’t invite just ANYBODY to come and eat with her!   They all are just fun to watch!

Television Celebrity Chef Big Daddy

The thing about them also is I trust their culinary skills.  I believe they CAN cook, not necessarily because I see what ingredients they use and what not, because any ingredients could look like they add up to something good.  The reason I trust them is simple.  They all have got some meat on their bones.  It’s that simple y’all.  They’re all pleasingly plump, thick  and stuff like that.  That’s why I trust that they can cook.

sandra lee

Now there’s  Sandra Lee and she cooks as well.  Her forte is using store bought items and jazzing them up.  She might use store bought pudding, but she’ll add cinnamon and vanilla to it to ratchet it up in flavor.  This saves time and effort.  There’s a problem though.  She’s as skinny as a stick figure.  I  like her idea of using store bought products  and jazzing them up, and using store bought pudding and adding vanilla to it SEEMS good, but I don’t trust her.  Don’t trust her cooking.  My reasoning?   She’s got no meat on her bones.  It is what it is.

Soooo with that as my criteria, let me talk about two extra fine brothers who burn in the kitchen!  Both of my husbands knew what to do in the kitchen and you can’t be with me if you don’t!  But I digress.

The two fine brothers I’m talking about are G. Garvin and Big Daddy!  These men can really tear up in the kitchen!  I like watching them add their ingredients and blend and brag it up, and taste and brag it up even more,  and I love all of that swagger that they bring with it!  But it all comes down to one thing:  BAM! 

I notice the key ingredient.  That BOTH of these fine brothers have put on weight since they started their shows.  I don’t know when G. Garvin started on TV One, but I know that Big Daddy started on the Food Network a mere  two years ago.  And Big Daddy has already filled out quite nicely, with a nice round pot roast belly!  So I KNOW  his food is off da hook!   I haven’t seen G Garvin’s show in a while but last time I did, he was quite plump himself! 

 So you see my peeps, this is how you can tell if someone can cook.  There’s got to be evidence that they are eating!  Got to have some meat on the bones!   (I know it could be that they’re eating somebody else’s food, but let me have my fantasy, please)

One thing I know for sure: These brothers can throw down in the kitchen!   😉

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Melzie says:

    They were definitely a welcomed addition to the FN 😉

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Yumm Yummm! Lick lips smacking good! 😀

  2. Mark says:

    … would like to get some tips from Sandra Lee but I feel you when you are talking about cook’s without meat on their bones… kind of like getting fitness tips from someone who has a high BMI…

    … I am going to check out the links of these brother’s and check them out… your boy’s cooking must be good to him if it isn’t to anyone else cause he sure must enjoy it..!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Sho you right!!!!

  3. Reggie says:

    I absolutely love to cook, always have. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve enjoyed it more and more. I also like watching The Food Network. On a couple of occasions over the years I’ve made it a point to actually go to some of the restaurants they’ve highlighted on a show or two.

    Sometimes the food has been really good and sometimes just okay.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      OK, Reggie, dish out the dirt! Whose restaurant did you go to? Paula Deen’s? Sylvia’s? Emeril’s? Or who am I missing? Who was good, who wasn’t?
      What’s your specialty? Besides BBQ cause every black man on planet earth can do that, or thinks he can. Do you do gumbo? Jambalaya? I need to know.

      1. Reggie says:

        I’ve been to Sylvias……..the food was very good.

        Paula Deans….the food was good.

        I’ve been to two of Emerils restaurants…..the food was absolutely the business.

        The Neeleys…..shit was just okay.

        EAT….it was alright, but it was overpriced.

        Marlowe’s Rib…….food was damned good.

        1. Anna Renee says:

          Whaaaaaat? The Neeleys cain’t cook? But they’re so sexy!

  4. Miss Journey says:

    I LOVE G. Garvin!

  5. popcornmama says:

    I love this post! You have absolutely made me smile today, as I look over at my “plump” husband -who is a chef by trade – in the kitchen working our Easter dinner. I’ve always known it but this solidified it, we are true soul sisters. 8)


    1. Anna Renee says:

      I’m with you sis! 8)

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