Why I Appreciate the Black Blogosphere and the Afrosphere

Universal Negro Improvement Association and the African Communities League

Because our voices are local and they are global.  Black people are all over the world speaking truth to power in the way that matters to them! And just what are we talking about?  And do we have a right to speak “our truths”?  Well as I have gone through the black blogosphere, I have found numerous interesting voices of men and women, young and old, from all across the Diaspora, speaking on numerous subjects!  And my feelings about what they speak on range from highly inspiring, thoughtful, skilled writings, to not so inspiring, thoughtless, and unskilled in the art of writing!  It is what it is!  And I’ve learned that it’s all needful, even the parts I don’t appreciate!  😐   The black blogosphere is democratic.  (is that the right word to describe it?)  Anyway, a little bit of what we be saying:

  1. We’re speaking about the celebration of our culture–the way we cook, talk, live, the way we worship, the music we like, the arts we create, the love we make  
  2. We’re speaking about politics–from the Americas to the Islands, to The Continent and every place in between
  3. We’re speaking about our spirits–the people we love and hate, the God we love or hate, to self love and self hate
  4. We’re speaking about family, friends and relationships, whether functional or dysfunctional
  5. We’re speaking about numerous and varied subjects from A to Zed that we find are important to our lives, and how we view ourselves as black people where we find ourselves in the world
  6. And we’re speaking about the general dominant culture– tidbits, from the sublime to the ridiculous, because we can!The black blogosphere is free!


Some of the blogs that I appreciate are:

Pan African News Wire  http://panafricannews.blogspot.com Brother Azikiwe is an old school black revolutionary from the 60s with a global perspective (not just black folks)

Lucien Jones http://danielgodsurelywilldeliver.blogspot.com/  his love for his Jamaica shows and his faith that God will bring recovery to Jamaica’s places of pain inspires me

Gathara’s World  http://gathara.blogspot.com/ for his beautiful artistic caricature drawings that capture wordlessly and speak volumes about the dynamics of African politics 

MS Afropolitan http://www.msafropolitan.com/ for her black feminist perspective coupled with calm wisdom and sister girl savvy

Mthoko Says http://msibanda.blogspot.com/ for his writing skills and commentary on life in South Africa and the world in general

Brother Jesse’s Blog  http://jessemuhammad.blogs.finalcall.com/ for his gentle nature and love for his black people, informed by his Islamic faith

Africa Is a Country  http://africasacountry.com/ for being so unique.  WordPress thought so as well and featured this blog in Fresh Pressed!

Light Her Lamp http://www.lightherlamp.com/ for being so inspiring and filled with such wisdom for a young Christian woman under 30!

The Savvy Sista  http://www.the-savvy-sista.com/  for her up to the minute reporting of black celebrity and general news that matters, without the sleaze

The Old Black Church http://theoldblackchurch.blogspot.com/ for her thorough coverage of the good, bad and ugly of the black church. I especially appreciate that she lacks that vicious evil spirit of many others who speak about the issues of the church

Faith In Action  http://faithinactiononline.com/ for being a revolutionary  disciple  of Jesus Christ.   Reverend Heber is in the trenches, fighting the power, and truth and love are his weapons

The Haitian Blogger http://thehaitianblogger.blogspot.com/  for her love for Ayiti and her militant stance and truth filled reporting!  The ZenHaitian always exposes who the real enemies of Ayiti are

Well, these are my black blogger favorites at this time.  I give God thanks for the black blogosphere and the Afrosphere, because black folks are now able to communicate with each other across the globe, sharing ideas, sharing faith, sharing the fight! Supporting and encouraging each other across space.  Blacks of all nationalities have access to each other like never before, and now have the unprecedented opportunities to connect across cultural differences and walls of nationality, to understand each other better thereby getting to know ourselves better in the place we are in the world. 

We have a lot of catching up to do, and the hour is now.  Let’s not waste time nit picking our collective faults, but find our common ground and work from there.  Like satan, our enemies never sleep and it’s imperative for us to build strength where we can amongst ourselves.   If we’re not doing that, then what’s the point?  

So I invite you to start making some connections–by reading some of the blogs listed in the sidebar.  The list is merely the tip of the iceberg of black voices.  Or get on Google or some other search engine and search “black people” or any variation, plus all countries that interests you and see what websites and blogs pop up!  You may make an important connection!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. maurice copeland says:

    Us Activist appreciate the network that has been set up, you all have afforded the Activist a voice, that is being heard around the world. People will understand that we are a deeper people than we have been portrayed to be.

  2. Reggie says:

    The thing that I find myself appreciating most about the Black Blogosphere is the reality that we’re all so very different and yet the same.

    We’re not all of one opinion and we’re not all one voice and that’s a good thing.

  3. kekemichel says:

    Hey Sista

    Thank you for sharing such culturally rich bloggers! This is what we need to counter all of the pop culture rhetoric and “reality” programming. What we really need to maintain is cultural programming. Know Thyself is paramount. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Also, I just posted some things on my shop page, which will be rotated.

  4. BinoandFino says:

    I just bumped into your blog whilst googling. So I’m new here. I like the list and know some of those on it. For me what I like is that as the technology for getting information out to people becomes more democratic we’re going to see more bloggers, filmakers, writers etc telling our story. It won’t always be nice and we will not all agree but that’s ridiculous to expect so. It’s just important to be able to tell our and see story whether we’re in Abuja or in Atlanta or in Brixton.

  5. Anna Renee says:

    Thanks everybody for your comments, and Welcome To BinoandFino!! I hope you do return!

  6. BinoandFino says:

    Thanks for the welcome! You know how it is, sometimes life doesn’t let you follow all the blogs you want. But I’ve subscribed to yours and do intend to come back to read and comment more. All the best.

  7. Gratitude for the mention sis 😀

    1. Anna Renee says:

      You’re welcome MsAfropolitan!

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