Harpo’s Blues….

Phoebe Snow (album)
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When I was a little tyke, about 15 years old, I was introduced to Phoebe Snow by my worldly, wise, beautiful and all grown up 21 year old cousin!  I thought all of that about her, and more!

My cousin was so cool, she had a tiny two seater car, I’m not sure  what it was, maybe a Fiat, and she invited me to go with her to her friends’ house on the other side of town one day.  The best part was that she allowed me to drive her little car!  I’ll never forget it.

Now this was ultra cool for me, because I lived in the projects and she had it in the parking lot where ALL of my friends were  hanging out!  Imagine my coolness points shooting through the roof when she let me jump in the driver’s seat and pull out with ALL of my friends watching, mouths hanging open in raw envy! It was a beautiful thing, indeed!   I was elated as I nervously and cautiously  pulled out with her guiding and encouraging me the whole way!  And we were off!!  As I think about it now, I have no idea how a 21 year old had such a car, or whether it was really hers but….

Whenever I think of Phoebe Snow, I think of my cousin and I think of that magical time, that one time she let me drive her cool car!  So even though this song of Phoebe’s was called the blues, it brings thoughts of happiness and joy to me!  Because it reminds me of my youth and the fact that I was always blessed to be acquainted with the best music around,  and also because I loved Phoebe’s beautiful spirit, on display in her soulful, bluesy voice.  Hers was a voice full of depth and knowing and spirituality.

Poetry Man for me was just a beautiful, living song–it was just full of life.   “…you’re going home now, home’s that place somewhere you go each day to see your wife, yeah, yeah, yeah, to see your wife…”   Oooh! 

Queen Latifah remade Phoebe’s song.  It was OK. 

Have you ever heard a remake that creates a strong desire in you to hear the original and experience that feeling?  The Quiet Storm radio station always played the Queen’s version and whenever I heard it, desire for Phoebe’s original welled up in me.  When Phoebe sang it, I believed it!  It was the TRUTH!

I’m dedicating these Harpo’s blues and Poetry to those who want to celebrate the beautiful spirit of Phoebe Snow.  Don’t feel sad, but rejoice and revel in her beauty!   Get out your albums or your CD’s and play her songs.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Anna, it’s good see that someone else remembers in print how great this lady was in many ways. Memories are wonderful and isn’t it amazing how certain songs bring them back in such a poignant way.

    I, too, have celebrated her on my site, however, your memories really touch on how artists can reach the masses in so many different ways. Take care….

    1. Anna Renee says:

      She was so beautiful in her spirit…

  2. Lin says:

    I’m glad you can tie such vivid memories to Phoebe’s music. Mine tend to be of reading or listening to certain songs alone.

    I think Poetry Man & Harpos’ Blues represent two songs based upon two separate characters, telling the unvarnished truth about themselves. Such was her talent for getting to the heart of peoeple, and such was the power of her beautiful voice.

    I agree completely on your Latifah statement.

    RIP, Ms. Snow. Her death has left me in a deep, unspeakable funk.



    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hey Brother! Phoebe was the truth! I’m so glad that in the middle of all the funk bands I listened to as a girl, I got the opportunity to listen to Phoebe Snow! I’m not finding out about her after the fact, or because of The Queen. I’m experienced.

      As for your funk, brother, just ride it out to the other side, and keep listening to Phoebe. You’ll be alright brother Eastside.

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