And They Talked About Aretha?!?

Cover of "Royal Wedding"
Cover of Royal Wedding

The Royal Wehdding hahs occuhrred.   Now may we present to you Prince William and Catherine Middleton, the Djuke and Duchess of Cambridge! 

Let me say right up front that I, myself, did NOT spend my time watching the Royal Wedding on TV!  I’m not DOWN for that kind of stuff, don’t you know.   It’s just not my style, yo!   8)

I waited until the whole shebang was over, then when I got to work last night, I ran with the quickness to my computer to check it all out on the internet and wallow a little bit in all the madness!    🙂  

 Oh boy, what jolly good FUN it was just gawking at the spectacle of it all!!  I laughed out loud numerous times while at my desk, and ordinarily the guys woulda thought I was crazy, but  I’m sure they understood!   😉   It was all so very…British!!

But answer me this: Why were the people clowning Sister Aretha for her hat when she sang for OUR own royal thing (kind of),  The Inauguration of our President of the USA?  Hmmm…

Did y’all see those British ladies in their hats?  Skraight off duh chain!!    :mrgreen:

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   hats are from the royal wedding and other events

 Update:  Added more into slideshow of Princess Beatrice of York, daughter of Sarah Ferguson!  This girl is the truth!

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  1. Lin says:

    I smell ya on MUCH of this joint. Americans so often buy into the hype when it has absolutely nada to do w/ us as a Nation, or our struggling black azzes. A close friend of mind is a dyed-in-the-wool, anglophile & you’d swear she KNEW theese people, their history, their need for happy endings, personally. It is to LAFF!

    AS for the hat thing: it takes a complete lack of self-consciousness to wear a hat/cap/ chapeau properly. The less you think about it, the mo better you’ll tend to play it off. Well, it takes that and a decent bone structure, so the size & shape of your face don’t completely FREAK OFF said hat.



    1. Anna Renee says:

      I couldn’t pull off a straw hat until I was 39 years old, Lin! Some of these RIDICULOUS hats look hella good on the ladies—such a paradox! My question: how on earth do the hats stay on the front of their foreheads like that? 😕

  2. funkystarkitty50 says:

    Being married to a Brit who had lived in England for most of his life–hats are traditional there and they wear hats to ALL formal occasions, especially the Royals. They have those hats custom made with combs on the inside so they ca sit at those angles. The Brits do have a sense of style, in spite of the negative stuff that has been said about them over the years. They started the whole etiquette and social graces thing, which I used to think was pretentious. But if you are going around in high society like that, you get side-eyed pretty quick if you are using a dessert fork instead of a salad fork.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hey there Funkystarkitty50!
      The whole thing is amazing and quite interesting. I love culture and this tradition of the Brit ladies in hats is something!
      I wonder if we borrowed from them–our African American tradition of the ladies wearing hats to church, especially for the special church occasions, and the Kentucky Derby ladies wearing their hats?
      We Yankees can’t laugh too hard–especially those folks from Kentucky because their hats are about 90% as outrageous!
      I’d say that the church ladies hats are only about 50%.

  3. Melzie says:

    lol…poor Camilla…nevermind 🙂

  4. I’m loving these hats! I didn’t know the Brits got down like that.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      The hats are off the chain, and off the hook too! I think I want a couple of them for myself! I’m falling in love with the hat thing!

      There’s one hat that I really do love. The lady is dressed in a white coat with wide lapels, and the hat is a dove grey with a snake skin look to it, with four or five ostrich feathers pinned to the front of the hat and fanned out slightly. That hat is FIERCE!!! (she’s the lady after Camilla Parker Bowles in her blue hat, and right before the ostrich)

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