Does The Holy Spirit Move You?

I love the move of the Holy Spirit.  He is there guiding and gently nudging you in the right direction that God has preordained for you.  I especially love when He moves through our church services.  He touches one person after the other.  What I mean is one person may shout for joy of the Spirit, then another and another, until the church is “tore up by the Spirit“!

It’s a blessing when the Spirit moves through the church and touches each saint.  That person may have gone through a hard week.  Maybe poverty or racism is draining their spirit.  Maybe heartache and pain is hurting them.  Maybe shame and anger is their constant companion.  The saint could be struggling in a number of ways that only God knows.    Then that saint will come to church to join together with the rest of the saints and worship the Living God under the power of the Holy Spirit of God.  There’s nothing like being in the presence of the people of God when we express our joy and thankfulness to Him.  The Holy Spirit gives us a great diversity of ways.

  • Some ladies will scream out in a loud voice.
  • Some men will shout out “Thank You Lord” over and over!
  • Another will laugh! A joyfilled laugh!
  • Some will shake their heads as though they’re saying no no no, I can’t believe how good you’ve been to us God!
  • Some will moan under their breath.
  • A few saints will jump up and dance like David!
  • One or two will sing that song on their heart to the Lord
  • Some will sob out loud, some will cry quietly
  • Some folks run circles around the church!
  • Many saints will sit still with their hands clasps to their hearts
  • Some will just peek around at others as they see the power of the Holy Spirit in action
  • All will be blessed if they allow the Spirit to enter their hearts

At my previous church, there was a man and a woman who both stand out in my mind.  The woman would laugh out loud when the preacher spoke a good word of truth in his sermon.  It could seem to some who didn’t know better that she was being disrespectful, but mostly we understand how the Spirit chooses to move.  As for the man, he would talk at the preacher as he was preaching.  We all knew that he wasn’t really speaking to the preacher, but to the truth of the Word.  We understood the Holy Spirit’s move in the man.

At my current church, there’s a young man who stands up with his eyes shut tight, face upward and his index fingers pointing upward.  He does this at any time he wants.  We could be doing announcements and he just might stand up and point.  He also likes to talk to the preacher as he preaches.  Then there’s a young deacon who gets really excited when a good Word is being preached. He’ll keep saying Ah HAHN, AH HAHN, in a very loud voice and at every phrase.  He seemed to be encouraging the preacher to keep preaching so that God’s truth will bless him!     🙂     A preacher who knows the Holy Spirit won’t be distracted by these “distractions” but will allow them to encourage his preaching!   That preacher understands the workings of the Holy Spirit in his people.

Personally, I’m a rocker.  I can’t sit still when the Word is being preached.  I also sit on the edge of my seat, because I can’t relax when a good Word is preached.  I also tend to hoot when the preacher says something that convicts.  The sound I make is saying ooh, that applies to me, and you, and you.  Then there are those who say Well? at the right time.

There is so much fullness of expression in the black church.  I completely love the black church.   Yes the black church does exists, but it’s not in opposition to Jesus’ church.  It is a part of the entire church of God.  The Holy Spirit speaks to each of us in the way that we need, and we celebrate His goodness in our lives each in our own way.  Yet it all is still worship that God requires of us, no matter what church we go to.  The Spirit of God is diverse and beautiful, and He belongs to us all!

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  1. Maurice Copeland says:

    The Holy Spirit moved me years ago to DO THE WORKS, but HIS/HER conduits(PREACHERS) are proving themselves to be selfserving FIRESTARTERS. Where is the humanity?:Bannister Complex Investigation


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    New test results identified trace amounts of the toxic metal beryllium, but officials say the levels were so low that they are comparable to what would be found in nature. Workers remain concerned.

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    ‘No cancer cluster’ at Bannister Complex
    Watch Video114 new toxins identified at Bannister
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    More Bannister Investigations »>> Have you been affected by the Bannister Federal Complex? Share your story here

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hi there brother Maurice! The prophets of old had your same frustrations. But God still calls us to do what He calls us to do, and we are to be faithful in doing His will. So continue to be faithful to God, in spite of His disobedient preachers that you come across.
      I thank you and God for the sacrifices that you have made. Though it may seem that no one cares, know that we do care. I care and I thank you! God is pleased by your faithfulness.

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  2. James McCoy says:

    I too love the Black Church,it like no other place on earth for me,it’s a place of refuge and joy.
    I just feel sorry for those folks who have abandon the Black Church to be apart of a culture of worship that doesn’t speak to their very essence!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Brother James, It is a sad shame that so many black folks are willing to throw away their very legacy of the black church. It’s one of the few vibrant legacies that we have in this land of the USA.

      Like fools they call the church all kinds of names, but never stand up to fight the issues that they claim are in the church. They readily agree with those who are their long enemies, they are easily duped, and start chasing after foolishness. They let the church drop and then turn around and ridicule the church. But then they wonder why there’s so much HELL on earth! Well you threw away the church instead of fighting to correct those so called issues you saw in the church.
      Praise the Lord, but I will fight rather than throw away what the Lord gave to me. Bless you Big Mac!

  3. lisafriesen says:

    Very nice blog! Blessings to you.

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