Are You A Part of the Gap Teeth Click? Holla!


Have any of you all noticed that most of you black folks got gap teeth?  What’s up with that?

Now you good people know that I love talking endlessly about black culture and black features and black ways and just everything black.  Everything that comes to my mind that’s positive about being black in this world, that’s what I want to talk about!

And one day it occurred to me that there’s alot of us walking around here with gap teeth.  Now this is considered a very beautiful trait on the Continent, and I knew someone who got in a fight and  viewed getting his tooth knocked slightly loose as a good thing if he could keep the tiny gap that opened up!   SMH  (Unfortunately it closed back up on him)

But anyway, I consider gap teeth to be beautiful!  My father had gap teeth and I remember that he had an interesting little ritual for lighting up a cigarette.  First he’d search his pockets for the pack, take one out and set it between the gap in his teeth to hold it there. Then he searched his pockets for a match.  There was something strange and cool about that to me.   My aunt Mabel had a gap in her teeth too, until she got dentures.  I have gaps in my teeth!  For all my life, I didn’t like my teeth.  I felt that the gap was only beautiful if it was only between the two front teeth.  But I have decided to accept my smile for what it is, especially since I could never bring myself to pay for braces.  Just tight-fisted is what it is.

Then there are those fortunate few that have a gap in their top and bottom front teeth!!  I see that trait more often in people from the Continent rather than the Diaspora.  Personally, I consider top and bottom gap teeth to be very beautiful as well.  I believe Florida Evans of Good Times had gap teeth on the top and bottom like that.

Since it occurred to me that many of us are gap teeth, I started thinking of who in black celebrityland had gap teeth. So I did a photo search and found many black stars with gap teeth!  Y’all, half of our black celebrities are walking around here with gap teeth!   Unfortunately, in Hollywood this beauty trait is considered a flaw, and many black stars  have had their teeth “fixed”, destroying the one thing that sets them apart and marks them with a certain character!

I respect those Hollywood stars whatever their race, who have kept their beautiful gap teeth, and their distinctive mark!  Dave Letterman, anyone?

Anyway enjoy these pictures of beautiful people with beautiful gap teeth.  There’s a lot!   😀

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  1. Carolyn Moon says:

    Sis Anna–my husband is a member of the “gap band” and he’s a handsome guy. After 42 yrs. together; I’ve noticed that the gap is closing…hmm. They say as you age your teeth start “rearranging themselves”. I LOVE the Gaps!!!! 🙂

  2. Melzie says:

    Anna Renee, this is too much of a cowinkydink for two reasons. 1) you crossed my mind out the blue the other day (I’m weird like that) and 2)….I have a big ol’ gap!

    I’ve had a love hate thing going on with mine. I don’t even think about it until someone mentions it. Now I think she’s here to stay, I don’t see going through the hassle of braces at 40…lol

    LOL @ the gap band

  3. Anna Renee says:

    @ Sister Carolyn—How nice to be able to look at your love and see gap teeth every day! I think they are so beautiful, and I would try to figure out how to preserve your hubby’s gap! Toothpicks or something– 😉

    @ Sister Melzie—That’s no cowinkydink! Why don’t you put up a gravatar of your beautiful gap teeth smile? We all have a love/hate relationship with it, and I’m tired of the hate part. Imma just love mine because at 50, it’s a waste of money to straighten them, especially since without a retainer for life, they just shift back. (Ive done a lot of research about braces) Ha ha!

  4. Carolyn Moon says:

    @Sister Anna….LOLOLOL..It’s so funny that you recommended toothpicks. He’s always got one sticking out the side of his mouth. (this just started a few months ago)

    1. Anna Renee says:


  5. Reggie says:

    When I was growing up I was a member of “the gap band”. But not long after we married, my wife asked me to have it closed………I did. However, at some point, my gap opened back up, but not as wide as before.

    I like it, it’s part of me.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Yes, you should like it. I like mine, because it gives my smile its distinctive me-ness! It did take me a while to accept it though.

  6. johari says:

    Thanks so much for this article having a gap had a great effect on my self esteem ever since I could remeber because I can the only one in my school with it.Kids would tease me but mostly girls and some still do while only this one girls that’s a friend.She obviously isn’t a good one since she makes negative remarks but I got braces anyways last year.Guys haven’t made any remarks about it except once in elementary but I didn’t like him that way so I didn’t give it much thought.Now that my gap is closing I don’t know if id still look good without it being as wide as before.But I know for sure I’m not going to close it up completely…but its too late for the bottom row.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      I just wish that we had the strength to withstand those jealous people who make us feel strange for being different. If only we as people could just accept each other for our differences.

      I feel that gap teeth are beautiful, but I didn’t like mine! Isnt that crazy? Because my teeth are not straight and my gaps are not perfectly even. But I have decided to like myself. I’m the short haired one in the third row of pictures.

  7. Kevin says:

    Put simply, I don’t like my gap. Other than my mother and grandmother, I’m the only person in the family who has one (the two front teeth of my two brothers, sister and father are closed). It’s not too big, and my other teeth are relatively straight, but it is noticeable and it’s hurting my self-esteem. Many people say that I don’t smile enough, and while it’s not the only reason I don’t smile often (I just feel uncomfortable smiling in general when I’m not happy which I rarely am these days), it is a contributing factor. I’m 22 and I feel like the gap (and other contributing factors) are keeping me from having a serious girlfriend, and I don’t like when some people, given some anonymity on the Internet, make fun of people with gaps, and as someone who had aspirations of a career in the public eye, stuff like that makes me self-conscious. I’ve already decided to get it closed somehow, but it’s just a matter of when and how, not if.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      You know Kevin, you are more than your front teeth. It could be that your mindset about it is what hurts your ability to have a serious girlfriend. Remember, we women don’t like it when a guy is down on himself, no matter the reason. Women like a man who has self esteem and self respect. And that means accepting yourself for how God made you.

      In order to be happy, you have to stand up in your strength. You are strong already. You just dont think you are. So are you saying that the space between your teeth, probably about a hundredth of an inch is the deciding factor of your life? Impossible! If you took a piece of paper and pencil and drew a line the length of the space between your teeth, and looked at it, could you really say that your self esteem hinged on that line?

      That’s a little crazy when we look at it from that perspective. Do you know that if you have an issue with self esteem, closing the gap in your teeth will not address it? There are people who have issues, and think that plastic surgery will address the issue. But what happens is they keep getting plastic surgery after surgery. Because they keep finding things to dislike about themselves.

      What they needed instead was to learn to accept themselves, and not be so harsh and judgemental towards themselves. What they need is to learn to speak positive and encouraging words to themselves. Yes we speak to ourselves, mentally. Our thoughts are the words we speak to ourselves.

      If we have someone speak negative words to us everyday, we would say they are emotionally abusing us. But what about the negative words we think about ourselves everyday? We get up in the morning, look at ourselves and think, “yuck, I hate this gap in my teeth”. EVERYDAY. It’s like emotionally abusing ourselves. That cant be right, can it?

      Think about what I have said. Focus on the good things about yourself. Search very hard for those things because they exist. It’s all in how we CHOOSE to see things. It is a choice, so why choose to dislike yourself?

      1. My_0.2_Cents says:

        Personally, I find gapped teeth unattractive, as they are obviously a defect and deviation from the optimal dental configuration, given that the vast majority of the human population has ungapped teeth.

        Gapped teeth seem to give the impression that their owners are goofy or not to be taken seriously.

        Witness Cornel West, a brilliant public intellectual and scholar, but a man that looks somewhat deranged when he speaks (the hair doesn’t help, either lol) because his mile wide gapped teeth look like he’s wearing gag/joke plastic crazy teeth.

        Also, depending on how wide the gap is, the whistle that’s often heard during speech can be grating to the ear. It’s deforms words with the letter F and S and makes the person sound as if they have a speech impediment.

        Anyone can choose to love their defects. That’s fine. Bow legged, pigeon toed and knock kneed people often think they look cute or sexy, too.

        Doesn’t make it true, but hey – whatever helps you sleep at night… Sleep with that whistling snore. :-p

        Kevin is making the right decision. I suspect those advising him not to are like the fox from the Aesop fable who, after having his tail cut off, tried to convince everyone else that a tail is an undignified thing and a cumbersome appendage.

        Try Photoshopping your teeth closed and see how you would look. I think you’ll be surprised.

        1. Anna Renee says:


        2. Naomi F says:

          Embrace the gap Kevin. I myself have said gap (I’m not even so called black – Anna Paquin from True Blood even has a gap and she is smoking hot).

          I had my gap closed when I was a teen, but it turned out to be only temporary. The dentist grounded down my two front teeth to add this white stuff to make my teeth larger to fill the space. It was fine, I felt more self confident after getting it done, but after a while I forgot about it even being closed up.
          Anyway, the stuff used to fill the space ended up chipping and breaking off, so later on I was back with the gap.

          Now, I wish that I never had it done to be honest, because now I have short front teeth (from the work done). I don’t even care now that I have a gap. I think when you are in those teen years it’s a big deal just like wearing the right clothes or having nice hair. When you get older you probably won’t even give that gap a second thought.

          My sister doesn’t have one (a gap) and she is absolutely jealous that I do, because our dad had one (I say had, because he has false teeth that have no gap now).

          As for the person posting the garbage about it being unattractive, well, they must be jealous of someone they know that has a gap.

          “Boo Hoo to you that can’t make the gap crew”

          It is not unattractive, by far it is the most wonderful thing to have, and all the gapless people know it.

          As for it ‘obviously being a defect and deviation from the optimal dental configuration’ my dentist told me that I have a perfect over bite.

          My Motto: Embrace the gap

          1. Anna Renee says:

            Boo hoo to you that can’t make the gap crew! I love it!!! 😀

    2. Kevin, close it. Do what makes you happy! I had a gap for 29 years and hated it. Then I decided to have composite bonding to close it a little over a year ago, and I couldn’t have made a better decision. Now I’ve taken it a step further and began an Invisalign treatment. A smile says a lot, but a beautiful and perfect smile speaks volumes! My confidence immediately sky rocketed once the gap was closed initially, and I’m excited to see the results once my Invisalign treatment is complete!

  8. salida says:

    I have gaps n my teeth.when I was lil all the kids use to sing fall into the gap. As I got older I started talkin less n not showing anyone my have taken over me no my life. I can’t really talk to my boyfriend how I want because I don’t want him 2see my teeth. I was tryin to save up money so I can fix it but I had my son. And all my money goes on him. When I look at myself n the mirror I feel ugly but I no I’m not. I just don’t no way 2 do anymore.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      You can do positive affirmations daily about how beautiful your smile is and how wonderful you are as a mother. Write affirmations on pieces of paper and put them on your fridge, mirror, in a frame, on your cabinet or on your desk or computer. Any where that you will see them and remind yourself every day just how beautiful your smile is. Kids are always teasing each other and its hard to get over the pain, but its not impossible. Remind yourself of your beautiful smile. Look at it. Take pictures of yourself smilling big and bright and create a photo album of those pictures. Look at them all the time. You are beautiful and your smile is your specialness!

  9. LinuxMage says:

    There is absolutely nothing attractive about a gap between one’s Front Teeth.-NOTHING! I don’t care what is considered fashionable or attractive on “The Continent”. I am North American–end of story.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      As a mage, you know already that I dont give two shits about what YOU find attractive. End of that story.

  10. Jack Webb says:

    Are most of you black and is “the continent” Africa? If so, is there a particular area or tribe that this trait is linked to? I see a lot of people denying that there are more blacks with the “Letterman” gap, but I’ve noticed it for years. It’s not racist to notice the difference, and I see nothing wrong with the gap. There are plenty of beautiful people with the gap, of all races. I hope you don’t take my comment the wrong way. I mean no offense. It’s just intriguing!

  11. Maxine Hankins Cain says:

    We are having our Second Annual “The Beauty of Our Gap” Party on Saturday, December 6, 2014 at 3418 Cambrey Drive, Lansing, Michigan 48906. The time is 12:00 – 3:00 and the cost is ONLY $5.00.

    Last year 25 beautiful women and children gathered and celebrated our God given gap! We video taped our gap toothed stories, and watched a video called, “Gap-Toothed Women!” Additionally, we dined, took photographs, and enjoyed a light meal.

    Please share the good news and let’s continue to celebrate who we are!!! Contact me at

  12. I think diastema closure is very important. I have a huge diastema and it really undermines my confidence. I can’t even smile in public. I feel so embarrassed and it really sucks!

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