Why Do People Distrust Their Own God-Given Minds

We have the Mind of Christ, Fill it With His Word!

Right now there is a huge scandal going on in the ministries of Creflo Dollar.  He put out a scathing sermon about forgiveness that was nothing more than mind  manipulation to the highest degree.  He talks to the people in a way that generates the response that he is looking for.  He has that down pat.  Most of these manipulators do.  I know there’s a school of manipulation out there somewhere.  It may be Oral Roberts U, because that school always pops up in my research on these wicked people.

Anyway, I have done a couple of posts on mind manipulation in the past.  I’m completely fascinated with the ability of some to manipulate and seduce people into acting against their own best interests, and not trust their own God given minds.  I’m interested in just what goes into this, because I want to know how to counteract it so that people can recapture their own minds and start thinking for themselves.  My prayer is for people to trust the minds that God has given them.  Too many people simply don’t trust their own ability to reason from their own point of view and their own perspectives.  They seem to fear their own path to conclusions about things.  Maybe they fear being wrong.  I’m including myself because I’ve struggled with this also.

This phenomena happens with everyone, any type of grouping of people.  I’ve seen it happen with white christians as well as black christians.  The ability of their minister to speak a certain way that gets them to act in his interests and not their own.  Kenneth Copeland is one who has a following of older white christians and I remember watching his show when he denigrated those elders for having fear about their little pensions and the failing economy.  He chided them for not sending in their little dues to his ministry by saying that they must not trust the Lord to provide for them, and that the government is not their source, and other such things that manipulate the peoples’ guilt.  Lord have mercy!!  Stealing money from the elders on fixed incomes, in a economic downturn, in the name of God!  Demonic!

But really why do we follow after these types of christian deceivers?  Why do we, even when we don’t want to follow them?  Why, even in the face of the truth, do we continue to follow after them?  Is it that we are afraid that they are right, and that we will lose God’s favor as they have laid it out?  Is it that they have set themselves up as authorities, and have torn down our defenses to go against them?  Or is it that we are just lazy, and don’t want to know the truth, because it’s too much work to know?  Maybe it’s because we are completely broken and have no way to get up.  These people lure us into their traps with the illusion of what we THINK we need to be whole, then set the trap that ensnares us.

In the book of 1st Corinthians 2:16 we are told that we have the “Mind of Christ”.  What does this mean?  I believe it means that we have God’s power in our minds.  We have the ability to discern good from bad, truth from lies, what makes sense from the non-sensical.  But we have to be connected to God, not to a charismatic leader.  That’s why so many have the mind of Creflo or the mind of Eddie or the mind of any number of heretics out there.  Everything and anything but the Mind of Christ.

Our God given minds are like gardens that needs to be properly tended.  We should water our minds with God’s wisdom–He doesn’t leave us alone in this, he’s given us his Word.  And even those without access to the Bible, the very heavens and nature itself shows forth the glory of God.  When we look up at the birds flying overhead, we should understand that there is a God.  When we look down at the beauty of our favorite flower, or when we contemplate the workings of the human heart, we should know; and when we look at ourselves in the mirror we should know!!

Yet so many people’s minds have been turned off.  Their gift of the Mind of Christ is lying dormant–inactive.  The get nothing from God.  They seek for strength in weak men, who pretend to be strong.  They always even choose the worst of these men.  At least follow a “good” man!  Follow the ghost of Martin King or Malcolm X!  But Creflo Dollar?  Eddie Long?  Even when these mens’ actions inadvertantly tell the truth, too many of us ignore those actions.  We bury our heads in the sand.  Because we have found that our spiritual props is a fallacy and we can’t deal with that!  We may collapse with him!  We should have listened when Jesus told us to build our house on The Solid Rock!

But let me not stop at the Christian “leaders” that we follow.  What about the political leaders we feel obligated to follow, even when our hearts and minds say no?  Why do we feel we must follow behind them in spite of ourselves?

BTW I went on Creflo’s site and he tells me that he has a bachelor’s  in education and “master’s” and a “doctorate” in counselling.  Yet for such a proud man, I never have seen him use PhD behind his name.  I would think he’d brag that up.  Hmmm…..  What I believe he has is an honorary doctorate from Oral Roberts U, just as Wikipedia states.  And Oral Roberts is giving out plenty of them, they are a dime a dozen IMHO.  I’m going to have to do research on this University very soon.

Creflo Dollar has a master’s alright, in manipulation, condescenscion and in hatred.  He has perfected the art of mind control.  As RingoTV said, they use certain words in a repetitive, hypnotic fashion which has some kind of effect on people who lack discernment when they listen.  This is just a part of the mind game. This is what a psychopath looks like.  They are VERY cunning.  We the people don’t even understand the levels of cunning and craft that these people are operating under.  We have no clue whatsoever.  We know nothing of the true danger that these false teachers bring to us!  I first saw this video at GCMW and it’s very powerful and telling about just what we are up against.  We don’t want to acknowledge this, but we must.  The Pastor Carter Colon delivered this sermon call “Run” from Time Square Church on September 16, 2001 the Sunday after the September 11 attacks.

We don’t know and don’t understand.  And that is why Jesus calls us sheep.  Sheep will walk peacefully to their own slaughter, simply following behind their “shepherd”.  And this is not just in the church, but in the arena of politics as well.

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  1. a.w. marks says:

    Great word. I’ve held strong thoughts on this subject for a long time, and can affirm that it transcends groupings of people.

    For most, the problem can be attributed to a lacking hunger for His word. Most reformational works have been accomplished so that men and women would be granted greater freedom to exercise their own minds, and yet we still fall victim to the same sin that plagued Israel.

    We cry, “Moses, you intercede on our behalf,” because we are scared, or “Give us a king like the other nations,” because we are proud. Christ has torn the veil that stood between us and the feet of God, yet we still ask for another human to stand before us. We feel that having another represent the good that we ought to be doing, we can keep our distance from the God that wants to know our hearts, while vicariously taking pride in the man or woman we support.

    But those we allow to speak and think in our own place have their own agenda in mind, and not the things of Christ. No man of humility would so eagerly assume the responsibility of thinking for others — whether pastor, politician, prophet, or professor. The true ambassador for Christ rebukes such hero-worship, just as Paul and John the Baptist did.

    If believers are to desire the things of God, they must learn to discern these things through His Spirit and Word. Inevitably, this discernment will disqualify the agenda of Dollar and others, because our authority will be the mind of Christ. But without thirsting for His truth, we will gladly offer our minds to the sweetest tongue or most attractive performance, which is often where Satan is lying in the dust.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Let the church say YEAH! and AMEN! You summed it up beautifully!

  2. James says:

    Anna:Having lived on this earth for over 5 decades,I have learned a thing or two about human beings,we will lie,chea tand steal to get the stuff we want in this life.
    I think when a person has made up their mind to do whats right in this life and world,you have a protecting sheild around you from people like Dollar.

  3. CareyCarey says:

    Hello Anna, I believe the answers can be found in your words which a.w. marks (above) trumpeted with the skill of a fine surgeon….. “We don’t know and don’t understand”

    Consequently, if a person is looking for the truth, it should behoove them to look in the right places to find the real answers. If not, they’re very susceptible to false prophets. It’s just that simple.

    Then, there’s this….

    Man fears nothing more terrible than to take a position that stand out sharply and clearly from the prevailing opinion. The tendency of most is to adapt a view that is so ambiguous that agrees with everything and so popular that it agrees with everyone. ~ MLK

    Anne, I am suggesting that thinking (deep thinking) is the hardest thing for most humans to do. Therefore it’s easy and comforting to gather in a crowd of like thinking individuals that are all of the same mindset, even if that crowd, the in-crowd, is traveling down the yellow brick road.

  4. Anna Renee says:

    @James–I pray that the Lord help those who are fools to accept a small amount of His Wisdom. I don’t know what else to say about it.

    @Carey–It’s terrifying that MLK’s words are so true. What will become of those who refuse to think for themselves? The Yellow Brick Road straight to Hell, being led by the Pied Piper!

    Lord have mercy!

  5. Mark says:

    Too many people simply don’t trust their own ability to reason from their own point of view and their own perspectives.

    The powers that be (and those ‘powers’ includes the leaders of the church) have many so affixed on the things that they choose for some that now many are too lazy to look and observe for themselves.

    Thinking independently has grown hard because there is a lot of difficulty in living a decent life let alone to live a spiritual one. I don’t think that people lose trust in things as much as they lose the trust in themselves to think and make life decisions.

    People have it hard and many of what I call practioners of the prosperity gospel like C. Dollar (dolla, dolla bill, y’all!) draw people in by massaging their ego and telliing them half-truths because they leverage their positive message by fleecing their flock.

    Between the politician and the money changers, a person has a hard enough time with making a life. Then when they go for spiritual nourishment, look who you have in the pulpit? Twisting the word around to suit their own benefit and providing little in the way of nourishment? Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen and TD Jakes, sprinkling in enough scripture to make a person think they are being nourished. I beg to differ and I am agnostic and with out a dog in the fight!!

    People are scared and losing faith in themselves. That is why they are willing to pay a person who will tell them that they can have the life they want if they donate to the church!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      It’s true that life is getting more difficult by the minute. But it’s so dangerous to let another make decisions about your spiritual life.

      We can’t afford to allow our egos to be massaged. We have to stand up straight in the face of difficulties and do what we know we must. It’s hard and that just the way it is. It’s not impossible though. God is with us.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think people fall for this because on some level they want to be like the people they allow to manipulate them. It’s no different than following any other entertainers. We are addicted to sensations of every kind. Even mental ones. These prosperity preachers give their followers the fix they want and they pay for it. We love every excuse to distract ourselves from reality and love anyone and anything that will facilitate it.

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