Who the Hell is the “Whiteman’s god”?

The God of Materialism-Chen Wenling

I ask because I often read about this “whiteman’s god” and how we as black people need to get rid of him.  Apparently, there are many who feel that we, like fools, are holding on to this god who obviously hates us, and they feel that we black folks need to grab ahold of our senses, finally let him go and set ourselves free.

I’m told that the “whiteman’s god” is malevolent, and is only interested in the success of the whiteman, and we black folks blind following of him is the cause of most of the suffering that we have endured throughout our history in the Americas.  So I want to do a self evaluation—check myself to see if I may be holding to this demonic god unawares.  In order to do that, I first need to identify him.   I want to try to determine what he’s really all about, and pinpoint what I think are his main characteristics.

God of Materialism - sculpture by Chen Wenling

1.  The “whiteman’s god”  justifies black enslavement.  The “whiteman” has cleverly manipulated Holy Scriptures to justify black enslavement, which has to mean that this “whiteman’s god”  has given his stamp of approval on black enslavement.

2.  The whiteman’s god has cursed the black man.  The “whiteman” has slyly twisted certain scriptures in the Bible to justify black people’s inferiority in his own mind.  The “whiteman’s god” obviously agrees with his ways and means.

3.  The “whiteman’s god”  believes that the whiteman deserves to have all the world’s wealth to his greedy whiteman self and colludes with him to this end.  This god agrees that the whiteman should do whatever unspeakable wickedness is necessary to amass  and hoard this wealth.

4.  The ‘whiteman’s god’  agrees with wholesale genocide.  He is totally down for the whiteman committing mass genocide on any people that stands in his way of amassing wealth, even his own white cousins in eastern bloc countries.

5.  His god agrees that the whiteman should malevolently rule everyone, and he passively stands aside and watches the whiteman as he struggles with all force to maintain hegemonic control the world over.

6.  The whiteman wants it promulgated that he is superior to all races of man, simply because he has went throughout the world with a “manifest destiny”  mindset, destroying all in his path, and his god acquiesces.  The ability to conquer by destruction obviously means superiority, and the whiteman’s god is a passive supporter.

7.  The whiteman would have you believe that his god created all that exists in the world just so the whiteman could destroy it all, and this gives the “whiteman’s god” great satisfaction.

When I ponder this “whiteman’s god“, I can’t help but to think that he has no godly attributes to speak of.  He looks so much to me like a passive, powerless simp of a god,  something of an idol in fact, that this “whiteman” pulls out and sets up at will, not unlike a scarecrow,  merely to justify his maniacal, fear based, greedy grasping for control of the world.  When I sit down and contemplate this “god”, he looks a whole lot like a personification of the whiteman’s evil, greedy, lustful and demonic thoughts of ruling the world.  This “god” is just a figment of the imagination of a mad mad “whiteman”, simply justifying his madness.

IMHO of course.

For too long, too many of us have resisted the true and living God–The God who has created the Heavens and the Earth and all that exists in the universe—based on believing this “whiteman” and confusing the King of Kings with this strange concept of the “whiteman’s god”.   In my opinion, the “whiteman’s god” is just another pagan idol, somewhat inferior to all the many others that he has had the audacity to criticize.

It’s a shame that so many people, especially black people, have accepted this conceptualization of who God is.  I consider this construct a grossly pathetic version of even a pagan god!

So as it pertains to me as a Christian, I would say yes I can see clearly what this god looks like and I can then declare that I have never held on to him and never will.


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19 Comments Add yours

  1. Ann Brock says:

    Hallelujah Anna what a great post. I don’t understand it either when black folks refer to the God of the Bible as the white man God. Just how is it possible for the God of the Bible to belong only to the white man when on “Pentecost” He poured out His Spirit on EVERY nation and that include AFRICA.

    “So as it pertains to me as a Christian, I would say yes I can see clearly what this god looks like and I can then declare that I have never held on to him and never will” I co-sign with you sister!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Lord have mercy! Just because the “whiteman” said something, does that mean that it’s true?
      Help us Lord, for we are twisted in so many different ways! 😦

  2. nubiannews3 says:

    It used to be that “god” existed in everything and had no real “look”. god was in all living creatures. Which is why we had a rule that we were only to kill what we had to eat.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      How have you been N3? Long time, no “see” 😀

      God still is in every living creature! If you see life, you see God. Man has not been able to recreate life up until this very hour. But that hasn’t stopped him from trying diligently.

      Man is wicked. That’s the starting point. And he has tried to reach Gods level of creative power since the beginning. But in vain the only success he’ll have is what God allows him.

  3. Duane says:

    Humans are not wicked Anna Renee an innate sense so your “starting point” is blind

  4. Duane says:

    Why do we humans believe we have a need to be forgiven? What ideas have formed the belief that we are stained and tainted and somehow dirty and in need of cleansing? How have we managed to twist the beauty of being “made in the image and likeness of God” into marred and sinful creatures worthy of eternal punishment? What a lie from Hell this is! This is the so-called whitemans god, the white lie if you will.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      God tells us Himself that we are sinners in need of a saviour and that’s why He sent Jesus to us. If we are realistic, then we can’t ignore all the hatred, murder, rape, child abuse, stealing, trickery, hoarding, selfishness, hard heartedness, racism, classism, and hatred of God Himself, that is going on here on earth. We people are the ones who are expressing these things, which prove that we are wicked.

      But we have God’s spirit living inside us if we receive Him. We have a duality inside of us, that why you also see love, beauty, sharing, helping, giving also within us. That’s the warring duality that the Apostle Paul speaks of. We aren’t worthy of eternal punishment, because God loves us. But satan hates us and will deceive us if we aren’t connected to God continuously. Satan is stronger than we are, and God is omnipotent. So we plug into the Gift of Omnipotence and we are able to ride the waves of worldly hardships, knowing that we belong to God in the end.

  5. Travis says:

    Too bad I didn’t get in on this discussion from the start. When people say the “white man’s god” they’re likely coming from any number of angles which all would seem to have a common basis. That basis being that the faith/god (Christianity) seems to serve the interest of those who created it (i.e. white people). I don’t think that’s a big secret although you couldn’t tell that from speaking to black people who subscribe to the Christian faith. If you were to ask any number of Christians who happen to be black, who created Christianity, the number one and likely single response you’ll get is that “… God did duhhhh!!!!!” (LOL), which I suppose depending on how one looks at it could be a reasonable answer. However from an historical perspective, that vast majority of us (i.e. black folk) are completely and utterly igno… unknowing about the faith we so fervently hold as the cornerstone of purpose for existing. Aside from all the esoteric talk about beliefs and how we should interpret the bible etc… the cold hard FACT of the matter is that the bible was written by the Hebrews (Old Testament) as well as by the Greco-Romans by way of the “Holy Roman Catholic Church” (i.e. White folks). So… by definition I think it’s very accurate to say that the “god” of the Christian faith is the “white man’s god” being that he created it, or should I more appropriately say, put enough of his spin on it to make it his own. But that’s another conversation that I am going to go into briefly now.

    Of course the Hebrews were a melanated people but that of less consequence because the Romans did a very clever thing when they co-opted the old testament writing/teachings from the Hebrews. What did they do ask you. They effectively neutralized the spiritual and cultural relevance of the Old Testament writing/teachings by establishing the “New Covenant”, Roman Catholic in origin, which by doctrine invalidated the significance of the “Old Covenant”. And to add salt to injury, the Romans effectively demonized the people from whom they stole their religion by demonizing them (Hebrews) as the people who killed “Christ the Savior” of the world thus establishing the “New Covenant “. Now I am hoping that my explanation which is 100% factual and true, sheds light on why so many back folks as of recent are beginning to consider the Christian faith the “white man’s religion”.

    Now back to my original point, what is it about us that makes us so unlikely to read and research something we claim to be the most important thing in our lives… our faith? I have ask many black folks in the past (e.g. family, friends, significant others, etc…) who wrote the bible and too many times the response is a “God” which of course was preceded by a pregnant pause to ponder the question. The million dollar question is, if a book which you believe instructs you on how to say your soul from eternal damnation, why would a person who considers it that important NOT read it? One has to admit that is a serious thing to ponder. The most logical answer can really only be one of two things. The person who purports to be a Christian is either incredibly lazy OR they really don’t take it that serious themselves. I suppose there is a third answer which is that they don’t have to because those who wrote this great composition of narratives told you that you don’t really have to read it. All you really have to do is “believe” and have faith. Just that simple. Don’t bother to look for any answers as you might discover the hoax. Just believe. That’s all that needed. Believe.

    Now one might be inclined to get defensive or even argumentative in reading my response. Please know that I am in no way trying to call anyone out or anything nor am I speaking to anyone person directly. I am simply trying to share some information/knowledge I know on the topic as well as evoke some serious thought that might encourage some seeking of answers. I look forward to anyone’s response which is how I learn and grow. However I would challenge anyone who chooses to respond to try to refute the facts and logical premise that I have put forth instead of why they think it’s not “the white man’s god”…

    BTW, please be careful of this notion that mankind is inherently evil. It’s game and if you care to hear I can demonstrate how.

  6. brothawolf says:

    This is a magnificent post.

    On a side note this is why I question God’s existence.

  7. Travis says:

    Interesting that no one in support of Christianity will touch my response. It’s pretty lengthy with lots of room for someone to pick it apart. I was hoping Ms. Brock might give it a try but something tells me otherwise. I’ll make it easy. Does anyone disagree that the early Hebrews wrote the Old Testament?
    Does anyone disagree that the second half, the New Testament was written by both the Hebrews and the Romans?
    Does anyone disagree that a woman cannot become impregnated except through the seed of a man?
    Does anyone disagree that once dead (e.g. the heart has no electrical pulse) it cannot re-establish a pulse of it’s own. Meaning that a person cannot come back from the dead.
    Does anyone disagree that the bible speaks of a condones genocide as well as slavery?

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Dear Brother Travis: You said–“…If you were to ask any number of Christians who happen to be black, who created Christianity, the number one and likely single response you’ll get is that “… God did duhhhh!!!!!” (LOL)..”
      You, like many black scholars, have a eurocentric superiority complex as it concerns black people who are believers. I can’t tell you how many black scholars/intellectuals I’ve run into online who feel superior to “the masses” just because they’ve read books written by white “scholars”. Well we black people come from a tradition that believes in more than what limited eurocentrc logic will show, I’m sure you know that, so I won’t name drop any afrocentric scholars on you this time. Well I lied. Carter G. Woodson, The Miseducation of the Negro.

      But what logical scholars like you always require is that those with a wider worldview purposefully narrow it down to fit into your logic. If we can’t explain things with your eurocentric logic, then that proves for you that WE are the fools that you so want to believe we are. Well I can’t explain the color magenta when I’m limited to a black and white crayon. But if you want to believe that magenta doesn’t exist, that’s your prerogative.

      Brother, I am so busy doing research just to write this blog that I don’t have time to study from the limited eurocentricity of what Roman Catholics did hundreds of years after Christ walked. What they declared at the Council of Nicea or anything that Dan Brown miraculously revealed to the world.
      I accept and understand that God IS, like so many of my fellow black brothers and sisters, despite what Roman Catholics did or what they wrote or how they manipulated the Bible or why there are so many versions. None of that disproves God. The majority of we ignorant black folks are plugged into God by His SPIRIT which precedes, antecedes and supercedes anything that any white man or black man can write or did write.

      God Is Eternal, which is too deep for a whole lot of folks to grasp. It’s a SPIRITUAL THANG. So I don’t think I’m going to spend my time researching from a eurocentric perspective something as crucial as my black belief. I did a post on the ancient black Ethiopian followers of Christ (or Christians if you choose) and their church goes back as far or farther than the Roman Catholic church. •Christianity’s African Roots – Kingdom of Axum Ethiopia https://nachalooman.wordpress.com/2011/06/19/christianitys-african-roots-kingdom-of-axum-ethiopia/. I’m much more interested in that black Ethiopian perspective, and will do more research in that vein, as it’s a better link to my black perspective of Faith.

      But nonetheless, I have a challenge for YOU, my brother! Disprove God.

  8. Travis says:

    I have no doubt that a creator exist and is manifest in all living and nonliving creatures. I just don’t believe in a personal god. Only a fool would believe that the being who is responsible for the creation of this universe, and many others is concerned that a sista finds a husband, or that a brotha gets that new car. Pleezzzz. It just sounds ridiculous on face value. Anyone discerning and has an opened mind can see that the god written about in the bible IS the deification of Western male prototype. I mean think about it. Why would a being capable Creating something as expansive as a universe have need for an uniquely haman emotion such as “jealousy” for instance. I mean that’s as saying that a squirrel is feeling melancholy. Not only does it sound absurd, it is absurd. It is so glaringly obvious that we are forecasting uniquely human attributes, and not even our most humane and decent attributes mind you, onto a thing that defies our comprehension.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Talk to me about your God, Travis. Teach me about your God, rather than ridicule me for my “Christian” God.

      Your God is not of the Christian Bible, well let me know about Him/Her.

    2. Anna Renee says:

      You said, brother,
      “…Why would a being capable Creating something as expansive as a universe have need for an uniquely haman emotion such as “jealousy” for instance. I mean that’s as saying that a squirrel is feeling melancholy.”

      When you hear God being explained as a Jealous God, that is just the use of an anthropormorphism, a way to explain the unexplainable Creator in a way that man can try to grasp. It’s a device. Unfortunately some people don’t understand this and take it literally. You have a very eurocentric view of God, which is not the traditional Afrocentric way. We see God as a part of our lives, not some distant being. Is your heart beating? It’s because God loves you. (antropormorphism) When we understand that God loves us, we can grasp Him/Her better. We then can truly share in the beauty of life.

      But the Bible says in 2 Cor 4, that If the Gospel is hidden, it’s hidden to those who are lost. That means if you don’t want to believe, then you wont be able to grasp it on this spiritual level. You have to humble yourself to grasp it, because if you rely on logic, you’re not open wide enough to grasp it. In fact, you’re closed.

    3. Kakael says:

      i dont want to seem rude or butt in but one thing @Travis, Have you ever looked into any kind of spiritual practices…? are you aware of the effects of the cosmos ..? i ask simply because you wrote that “Only a fool would believe that the being who is responsible for the creation of this universe, and many others is concerned that a sista finds a husband, or that a brotha gets that new car.” I see your point it does seem ridiculous that something so great and grand that created the “Earth” Universe and all in would bother to create “pebbles,stones & sand” hopefully you know where i’m going, do you know that the (Non-existent) “hebrews” (Egyptians/khemitic) have a system of divination which the tarot derives from that you can use to see or pertain directly to everyday events, this of course is based purely on spiritual mechanisms however i think that the creator of a (harmonious) universe would actually be bothered if a brother gets a car after all simply as the spirit within is fed directly by our every second experiences on this plane do you think so..?

      1. Correction… the early Hebrews were not Khemetic or at least they wanted to be something other than that which is why they chose to create their own belief system (e.g. Torah, etc…). Regarding the creator of a harmonious universe. This creator as I understand has set in place an unimaginably complex system of physical, metaphysical, natural, universal, cosmic laws to govern the creation in which we live called the universe/cosmos. It would seem very counter-intuitive that this creator would suspend, influence, or adulterate any of these laws to satisfy either my or your ego, through the pacification of our five pleasure senses. The fact that you do or do not have a car is so utterly irrelevant as it relates to the laws that govern this universe… at least as far as I understand. The association of one’s content or discontentment based on the fact that one owns a vehicle is so very… nonspiritual that it’s almost a point not worth making… kind of like water us wet. Correction… the mind is fed by physical experiences, not the spirit. The spirit is fed through the experiential application of meditation of which ultimate purpose is to free the body spirit from the body (e.i. resurrection). However, because many Africans (e.g. African-Americans) take their spiritual queues from a bastardized religion (Christianity) created by the only group of people who seem to be void of spirituality based on history, we think that the concept of resurrection as referring to a physical rebirth (e.i. Jesus). The spirit is certainly not the mind which is what you seem to imply. If the spirit and the mind are the same thing then infants would have no spirit because their experiences are precognitive and are not based on the five pleasure senses. I hope your not trying to imply something along those lines, because as I understand, infants is nearest to the closest state of spiritual exist while in the flesh. As we grow older and our ego grows through the satiation of our pleasure sense, we loose our spirituality think that we are our bodies when the truth is that the body is only a very temporary vessel for the spirit. If you’ve ever seen a dead body you attest to the fact that there’s nothing spiritual about it at all. In many instances the body doesn’t even resemble what you know as the person. Agree/disagree????

        As far as tarot cards… not familiar with them and certain don’t know enough about them to say their use is indigenous to African spirituality. Please enlighten me.

  9. Travis says:

    It’s laughable that you should try to cast me as Eurocentric. You practice a western religion, you likely celebrate western holidays, you likely practice western relationship practices, you likely and willfully support western financial and political structures and systems, you identify western culture as your own and like embrace it and you try to cast me ad Eurocentric. Hmmmm?!?!?

    1. Anna Renee says:

      It’s VERY Eurocentric to cast black folks as fools. Not only is it eurocentric, but it’s KKKclanish. It’s Third Reichish. It’s skinheadish. It’s in the approach, my brother, and your approach is jacked up. Especially when you don’t know people personally, and don’t know their stories. Just to lump black folks together is what Europeans have done forever.
      They ridicule black folks because we don’t see things as they do. Because we don’t worship in a eurocentric manner. Because we don’t live and relate as they do. Black people have always taken aspects of others’ culture, including european, and put our own african mark on it. This is what ALL races of people do and have done for millenia. It’s what I have done, it’s what you have done. But what a “conscious” black person will be aware of is when they are picking up on the Fk’ed up aspects of a culture. I might eat American apple pie, but what I WONT do is borrow from Eurocentrism the belief that all black people are ignorant because they don’t see things as I see them brother. I might eat French bread, but I will not lump all black people who believe in God in any box. I was willing to listen to your point of view and tried to get that point across to you in an earlier post.

      Ever since you came to this blog, you have shown a desire to prove yourself better than black folks who believe in God. If U R conscious, then you need to TEACH those you deem unconscious. But if you want to believe the fallacy that you’re better, then that’s your prerogative. So I’m not going to argue with you for that. But I will tell you that it’s a Eurocentric approach. And it’s extremely limited. And here’s why: for your info, I DONT practice “western holidays”. I don’t fit in your ridiculous little black box. And to be sure, not too many people do. That’s what happens when you lump people together based on their race. That right there is exactly what eurocentric people, whatever their race, have done for centuries. So brother, you ought not make assumptions based on the race of the people. You are the most Eurocentric Black conscious brother that I’ve run into online so far.

      You’re welcome to come back, but if you try to ridicule anyone, your comments will be deleted. Teach, or stay at home.

  10. Jray says:

    The white man does not have their own God. Think about this just for one moment before all who read this come crashing in on their understanding of God and how the Christian God is the God of all. Here is just an example as for the context of the “Christian God” our father Abraham is the direct link to God through 3 religions, all of darker skin. No white man anywhere in the holy scriptures. The white man will say that that’s not true, “we were Gentiles”. Unfortunatly there is no evidence that a white colored people where present in the Middle East at the time of classification for Gentiles. “Gentiles were anyone who were not a Jew.” The self appointed apostal Paul brought Gentiles into Judaism. Gentiles became adopted Jews. Not pure bloods. By the way, Peter was not very happy about this. Not at all, as matter of fact Peter only would accept the ideal if the gentiles would agree to many of the rituals that were required for the Jews to declare thier faith of God. One can say, Paul pretty much created Christianity, all on his own. As for trinity, the only book in the new testament that supports this is the book of John, a book written 70 years after the crusfication of Jesus Christ. Jesus states that he did not come to change the law, he came to complete the law. Gods people, as stated in the old testament of the bible were the Isalites, not white people. Compare this with all the religions other then Christianity and you will discover that there were no white people there as well. The White Man has no God of their own, we have had to adopt the God/Gods of all other races for our religion/religions. Kinda profound if you think about it. Oh, by the way… It’s not white people who claim that God has chosen the white man as the selected privilege race. It’s the races that has selected white people to assume this role. White Man knows, we know we are just using what we think we need to use to get what we need to have. We know we have no religion of our own, we know we have God, we just do not know how, whom or our heritage of God. It is known that word “God” is a word use to label a belief. There is no word for our creator, none. So when I say the White Man has no God of his own, I mean the White Man has no understanding or history of his God.

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