Did We Use a Hammer To Kill The Kanazawa Fly?

Before you stone me for even asking the question, bear with me briefly.

Did we as black women do a lynching on Kanazawa? Or did we set him up for a comeup?

For those who don’t know, Satoshi Kanazawa is a scientist who did a study of black, white, asian and native american women and determined that “scientifically” and “objectively” black women were the least attractive of all women.  His “findings” were published by the venerable Psychology Today magazine.

Well the study was obviously junk science, and rocket science was not necessary to determine that.  We as intellegent black women know and understand that we are not what this obscure so called scientist tried to claim we are.  But I wonder why we reacted so strongly to his opinion of us?  Did we pull out a hammer to kill a fly?

We sisters were able to organize so swiftly and with formidable political might as to make the Powers That Be bow down to us!  But could we do the same thing against the bazillions of asian owned beauty supply stores selling our black daughters creamy crack?  Aren’t they telling us that we are ugly, and aren’t we agreeing with our dollars?

If we as daughters of Africa know that we are NOT this thing that the formerly unknown Kanazawa said we are, then why did we get so upset?  IMHO we are handling over our power to these people, unawares, every time they bait us with the race card.  Do we know that we build the careers of these unknowns?   For all we know, Kanazawa may have gotten another bigger and better job with any racist organization doing “research”.

I don’t think Kanazawa’s firing was a true victory to us.

Can we really claim to be strong and empowered black women if we can’t let a fool say foolish stuff about us, and pass it by?


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  1. I think the problem with the Kanazawa situation was that black people were paying too much attention to Kanazawa himself and not the white agenda he served. Instead of listening to the words and paying close attention to his platform, we zeroed in the utterer himself.

    After all, shooting the messenger doesn’t get rid of the message.

    There will always be Rented Negroes lining up to do white folks’ bidding. They put yellowface, blackface, and brownface on their messages to distract us from the source. Some serious Anti-Asian sentiments started to rise from the Kanazawa situation, which is precisely what the white PTB wanted.

    But could we do the same thing against the bazillions of asian owned beauty supply stores selling our daughters creamy crack? Aren’t they telling us that we are ugly, and aren’t we agreeing with our dollars?

    There’s not enough co-sign in the world. POC should be working together to prosper with one another, not at the expense of one another.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      The devil is busy and seems to be about four steps in front of all POC. We have a helluva time battling him. We STAY on the ropes, but if we would just formulate a plan for getting him tired and work that plan….

  2. I think the deluge of denigrating comments not only from outsiders but by people who look like us took a toll and we voiced our concerns. Plus, this
    was an academician who should have weighed the consequences of his conclusion and broaden his demographics for we all know that statistics can be skewed to substantiate a premise. It happens all the time.

    You make a good point about the many Asian beauty supply businesses that are everywhere in most black urban centers. A few of the black supply businesses in my area that promoted natural hair and skin care products had brief stints. I’m back to ordering on line now. Who should we blame for that. In fact, I was told by one sister that before the closings–some of the products she was getting from the black owned beauty supply place designed for our natural hairstyles; were now being sold in the Asian shops. They will follow the market and can afford to undersell the smaller shops. Unfortunately, we don’t have very many black women demanding and buying the products. Anna…”creamy crack”… first time reading that description. How appropriate.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hi Sister Carolyn. Yes they seem to run circles around our confusion. We have a very difficult time pulling it together when it truly counts. We have done it in the past, but it’s always very difficult.
      That term “creamy crack” is the way the young natural sisters on all the hair boards and websites and blogs call the lie/lye hair relaxer, and it fits perfectly!

  3. flavawear says:

    I would put a different spin on things. I am of the opinion that to oust a schemer, racist, thief etc to the forefront is a good thing. If the KKK was kept under raps, they would have continued to do lynching under the cover of darkness, so no I don’t believe we set him up for a come up. As you already stated his findings were nothing but junk science, and rocket science. Just look at society today. Everybody and their mama’s are trying to copy , imitate and simulate for one our unique features by way of every implant under the sun, our beautiful colors from vanilla latte to dark chocolate, our language, our sultry dispositions, and so much more!
    The reasons for the severe reactions, “We are tired and not taking it anymore”. Due to all the hoopla around the president and these black and white issues, I believe anything related to race will be highlighted and swift justice will be dealt. History shows we are a slow to organize group, but when we do, we never let up until our goals are met. I could name several end results to back up my theory from slavery to now, but that is not the jest of this conversation.
    If we knew our hair history, we would know that hair weaving, creamy crack are not Asiatic borne creations. They just capitalized on it. I don’t see a problem with a sista relaxing her hair, unless she’s doing it to denounce her ethnicity. I’ve been relaxing all my life (48 years) and am just 2 months au natural, so I would say the answer is to continue to educate our sisters and brothers on their history. Let them know they determine their beauty. We must continue to tell our little ones that they are beautiful in their own skin. I just put a video on my site of actresses, stars, and political figure heads who are all au natural, and if we look around we are just everywhere, in print, on tv, commercials, etc and this has to be pointed out at every turn. Before we know it natural beauty will be the norm. and Mr. What’s his name will be a busy bee with no platform for his baseless innuendos, so we’ll just put him in a jar, so he could buzz around into nothingness while running into glass walls at every turn. I’m just saying.!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      And you said it very well!
      We ARE tired and don’t want to take anymore! I think we should deal with the issues that effect us in real time, not just what some unknown happens to say out loud. In real time, those asians who sell the lye all over our communities are taking our money from our communities by the truck load, and building up their own communities. Just in Oakland CA, a thriving and new Koreatown has grown up in just the last 10 years! I don’t begrudge them their success, but I can’t roll with it being at our expense!!

      Check out this link and see the horror that happened to Isabella, an Afro Dutch sister who made the error of using a perm one too many times.
      This is the product that these folks are selling to us. They build thriving communities, we languish in pain and degradation. Something’s wrong with this picture. I understand that it’s not really the asians’ fault; they are just exploiting our weakness. It’s our issue and it’s in our control to change it. The blogosphere has moved us forward by decades in terms of our unlearning the shame that took centuries to embed in our psyches. We’re moving forward at warp speed. Thanks to God almighty for the black blogosphere!

  4. flavawear says:

    Amen Sis: Your response is so real. How the heck do we get it across to our communities to shop black. It would keep the money in the community, give our people jobs and uplift the community as a whole, but NOOOO we want to go get a deal from the Korean store. I just went natural May 1st and I have to say there is not a black owned establishment in my area where I can go find products for my hair, but of course the Koreans down the street have everything I need. I didn’t go there though, but I did go to target who carries my products from a black owned company. I must say that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and creating products for our hair and profiting off of us. Now that the company ships I buy direct.
    I must say to the black owned companies. If you want to draw in the natural consumers, you are going to have to lower your prices, have an excellent product and make it available to the communities in which natural sisters are buying said products. In other words. TAKE OUR POWER BACK! Sorry I’m finished ranting and I went off subject!
    What we’ve got to do like Rev. Al is doing on msnbc, creating a platform and throw it back at them. Maybe if they get a taste of their own medicine, they’ll shut up and think twice

    1. Anna Renee says:

      I can see you’re passionate about this sister Flavawear! 🙂 There are so many sisters who mix up their own natural products, but because they are only doing it by themselves, when they buy the raw ingredients, they can’t get the huge discounts that big companies get for buying in bulk. So they have to sell their product kind of high in order to make a profit.

      But many sisters mistakenly compare these natural products prices to the Korean store’s prices, ignoring that the product is completely natural, and is distributed in a simple manner: the sister ships directly to who buys from her. These natural products don’t have wide distributions where they have to be able to sit for months and months on somebodies wearhouse shelf. The products come straight to you when you order.
      So it’s unfair IMHO to compare the sisters price to the conglomerate corporations. I think we are spoiled in the wrong way in this expectation.

      Then the other thing is that when a sister makes the transition and actually gets a level of recognition and has advertisements on the hair blogs like Curly Nikki, Black Girl Long Hair and other big hair blogs, when she finally reaches a level of success, there will always be that crab in the barrel that tries to pull her back down–giving the lame reviews of her product like “Her product wasn’t all that great: It did moisturize my hair and made it healthy but when I read the ingredients list, I saw that I could make that product BY MYSELF!!” WHAAAAAAAAT???!!!

      Of course you can, but you don’t want to have to! That’s the point, not every sister wants to spend her time mixing products. Why not just support your sisters who do it for a living? The price issue is not a good argument, because too many of us will spend our dollars PAYING OUT THE NOSE for Loubotin shoes, baby phat tees, guess jeans, mac makeup, coach purses, etc etc etc.! PLEASE!

      Natural Ladies, why not just support your sister and pay that extra two dollars plus that extra three dollars to ship, and get a GOOD product that doesn’t have all the chemicals and what not. Lets rise up to the occassion more often.

      Sorry for this long rant.
      *now stepping down from the soapbox* 😉

  5. flavawear says:

    Yes most definitely sis, I was once passionate about hair. I may not know a lot about being natural, but I do know about making products. I’ve been doing it for over 30 years going back to my muslim days, soaking my own incense etc.
    Sorry sis, I beg to differ with you. The real problem in my opinion is for 1-MONEY and 2- the sister’s not knowing how to market their product. Take Karen’s products for instance. They’re in Brooklyn and their products sit on the shelfs in Target. So they did it the right way. Got a lawyer and a fat contract with target, made it exclusive and Bam, if it’s found on the shelves of the Korean store, they get a nice juicy fine! This is what’s wrong with my sister’s and brother’s. We don’t know the legalese to keep our stuff out of the hands of the enemy.
    Another thing, if our people could get along, we could come together like the other nationalities, buy our raw materials in bulk together and get the same discounts to avoid selling their products at ridiculous prices and sending our potential customers straight into the arms of the Korean.
    We can compare the prices to the Korean’s store, Why, because you better believe that whatever mama got cooking in her kitchen, the Korean got something with comparable ingredients at a cheaper price. Not just Korean’s, but I wrote a blog last year about whites integrating and bringing just as many blacks into their salon as they do their own and statistics says its growing. So again we have to educate ourselves that like you said cheaper is not always better. Even though our products are natural, the shelf life can be extended upwards to 2 years just by adding certain products (all natural). We just don’t do the homework and then sit and cry about it later.
    We must support each other and realize there is always going to be a crab in that barrel clammering to crawl up over your head and get out first.
    If I hear a sister telling me something wasn’t that great, she’s got to explain herself. I’m not down with that demoralizing someone else out of pure jealousy, but if they have a legitimate claim, than that’s their opinion and it’s only 1 opinion. You’re right about the sista’s reaction. The Curly Nikki’s and Black Girl Long has to learn to take those listed ingredients and turn them into the scientific definition. Girlfriends reaction will be different. Man I don’t know what that is, but she’s getting such great reviews, Imma definitely try it. We got to think like they do. I hear you about the brand names. I was once a brand name junkie, til I grew up and one day these sista’s will too, but until then we have to continue to educate.
    That’s what I say sis, you got it right. We have to just support our people, pray for their prosperity and keep it moving. I know I talk too much, so that soapbox is once again yours. You deserve it! Peace and Blessings!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      You did incense too sister? I was doing my own thang at the Berkeley Flea Market back in the early to mid 1990s! What an experience! I enjoyed it to the full. But when I tried to move to the next level, I didn’t have a good plan, and was floating on the times and the popularity and openness of the Body oil market. Was a big friend of Madina in NY, and bought tons of products from them. If I had known what I was doing, I would have been a distributor in my region. I was on that path. Anyways…

      But it’s imperative that we do our research and I know that there will be the crabs and we have to be able to deal with that as well. It appears that we are trying to move in the right direction, but it will take a lot of patience, relentlessness and an iron will to break the chains of mental slavery. So don’t give up the soapbox sister! You just taught me a couple things from your soapbox!

      The story of Target stealing Karen’s products, that just makes me want to study contract law just to warn my sisters. Im not joking!

  6. flavawear says:

    Stop sis, I used to sell oils and incense back in those days too, in brooklyn, fulton st. I didn’t care for it because I was under age and doing it for the mosque, but when I left the mosque and started doing my own thing, I fell in love with being in charge of my own destiny. I made a lot of flops, owned a few salons before I got a good accountant who showed me the ropes. She was good and white I might add, but if there was any program out there for a black woman, minority as such, she was on it and I got it. That’s what we need in our communities now, knowledge and the ones that have it, to pass it on and not just to suck the community dry, line their own pockets and not give back, but to be a part of the whole process.
    I still love Madina, order from them from time to time to keep myself in good standing, but I’m in the south now and need my products like yesterday, so I use companies a little closer, but there was a muslim co. in NJ that was off the chain with pure products. Can’t think now, but I will remember. They’re closed now, shame!
    It’s never too late sis for that side hustle! No sis, My bad, I’m sorry I didn’t explain myself. I sometime write in jibberish and its hard for people to understand. Karen’s landed a yearly million dollar contract with specific Target stores this year, a coup for them after only 6 years of operation. That’s a major coup. Makes me think if I had continued on, that could have been me, but I ain’t hating. God’s got other things in store for me.
    OK sis I’mma leave your forum, til your next awesome post. I see you got your mojo back! Smile! Peace and Blessings!

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