Which Way To Go—Picking Up and Moving In New Directions


Blogging—it’s not for the faint of heart!

My people, I’ve been real busy preparing myself for a new endeavor.  The workplace is stale, you know what I mean?  I’m an entrepreneur at heart and I’m getting those entrepreneurial vibes once again.  The last time I had them, I left a good job in the city of SF!  I was emotionally drained with the thoughts of striking out on my own.  I was so focused on the idea of becoming a sisterpreneur!  It was all I thought about and dreamed about.  I wonder if anyone can relate.

So I finally left the job, and that was almost 20 years ago.   I had done  tons of research on starting a business, and since I was working in a library I had access to all the books on the subject.  I think I read every book in the library on starting a business.  Unfortunately I didn’t know much about GROWING a business.  Be that as it may,  I did take that first bold step and went out on my own, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it!  Those entrepreneurial years were the best of my life–in terms of happiness, joy and contentment.

My issues came with not having a plan for growth, and not even thinking much about maximizing growth potential or being ready to take full advantage of opportunities.  I didn’t know how to seize the moment with my business and allowed it to sort of fall by the wayside after two years.   I didn’t have the right partners, and I didn’t continue to do research.  I was too busy doing the business.  But we live and learn.

So now I’m feeling those entrepreneurial urgings again.

I’m a good writer, I’ve been told, and I love blogging about black empowerment with an extra focus on black women.  I also love the internet as a medium for power and change.  I’ve been working hard to teach myself html and web page development, and I find that I have an affinity to it.  I want to have a basic understanding of how this is done and how to properly control it so that when I start up a new website, I’ll know what I’m doing.  So there’s alot on my plate right now, but as mom used to say, “eat everything on that plate, don’t waste nothing”!   Now is the time for me to bring these things I love together and develop a new sisterpreneur enterprise for myself.  I’m trying!

One of the things I want to do is advocate for black people.  We are very good at pinpointing where others are negating us as a people, and I have learned that there is a place for that.  We need to be informed on what’s going on, and who’s working against us.  But also there needs to be the opposite, those who are working FOR us.  And as we know, we have to work to uplift ourselves.  It’s foolish to think that others should be the ones uplifting us.  So to that end…

I was recently on WAOD website (What About Our Daughters) and “Blogmother” was advocating for a young woman who was abducted in her community.  This young girl went missing and her mother tried to get help from her neighborhood police to look for the young girl.  They essentially refused saying she was 21 years old.  Of course the girl turned up murdered.  She along with numerous other black girls were murdered by one madman who brazenly left the body parts of the girls in his house.  No one asked and no one cared. How often do we hear stories like this?  The white girl goes missing and a huge manhunt goes forward, a black girl goes missing and nothing happens.  That tells us we have to do it ourselves.  We don’t have to hang our heads, but get busy taking care of ourselves.  This is what our people have done in times past when we knew not to expect any help.  This is what we must do today.

Check out WAOD’s site and read the story about the mother of that girl who would stop at nothing to help her daughter.  Although her daughter was brutally murdered and ignored,  the mother has sued the police for their inaction. She’s fighting for the rest of us.  She’s gotten acknowledgement from the judge in her town and her case is moving forward.  She needs our help in her battle to force change in the justice system!  She has become our advocate because this can happen to anyone.  Her daughter was a straight-A psychology student attending college!  Let’s not turn our backs on this warrior woman who is battling for OUR rights as black people!


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  1. Sharon says:

    I’m behind you sis.

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