Steve Harvey vs Cornel and Tavis-Game Recognize Game!

Steve Harvey rants on Cornel and Tavis

This video is interesting.

Steve Harvey has come out swinging on Cornel and Tavis!  I have just listened to Steve on his radio show and he is pulling no punches on where he stands concerning Cornel and Tavis, and their Poverty Bus Tour.

I have to admit that I’ve been out of the loop concerning these political wranglings and stuff.  I find that my life is just fine without following every word out of these politicos’ mouths.  So I don’t really know what the Tea Party is saying, what Obama is saying, what his haters are saying or what his lovers are saying.   It is what it is.

Tavis Smiley and Cornel West

But I got to admit that when pimps talk game, I might want to listen, just to see which pimp is up and which is down.  Don’t judge me.  So when I found out that Steve was slamming Cornel and Tavis, I wanted to hear his game!  And to be honest Steve’s game is kinda weak, yadadamean?

After all, President Obama IS the president of us too!

All I can say is Black America, you better peep game, no matter who’s gamin’.  Steve Harvey is getting ready to do a movie of his book, right?



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  1. Travis says:

    Steve who? Like isn’t he a comedian or something!?!?! No really he’s entitled to his ideologue views as much as the next man. Unfortunately the vast majority of us don’t have the platform he has to espouse our own personal beliefs. I would consider Steve Harvey by no stretch of the imagination a politically or culturally insightful person. Not sure of his motivation, whether it be some new movie or book but nothing he says really sparks any interest in me to hear more from him particularly regarding his lame perspective on black female/male relationships.

    Steve… c’mon son!?!?!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      C’mon daughter too! *holding up my cardboard sign*

      We ought not let STEVE become our political spokesman. Please!

  2. Mark says:

    Listening to the Steve Harvey harangue on Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, Mr. Harvey showed himself to be unaware of how policy by a President affects the different classes of people. The social safety net the gov’t once provided is being deconstructed and when you look at the poor in this country, blacks seem to be left the worse for wear.

    Along with his co-signin’ cohorts on his show, Steve Harvey demonstrates a mentality that is myopic, unable to look at the situation more broadly than, “We got a black president… we need to simply support the man and let him do his job”, under the guise of the “He’s the president of everyone”.

    The reason that Steve Harvey ‘went there’ was due to his inability to understand why someone would be critical of a black president… what would he say if Herman Cain managed to get to office..? Simply to be blind to the policy of an elected official or to wonder about the special interest behind him is not only natural but is also due diligence in being a part of the informed electorate.

    I worried that President Obama was not going to be focused on the poor, not because of the weight of his responsibility in office, but because he had shown himself to be more center-right as a politician. Also, he had shown himself to be as politically savvy as Michele Bachmann in that he is not a very experienced or accomplished politician.

    But folks like Steve Harvey can’t understand things like that or why someone would back Hilary Clinton, who was at least around and a part (remember, she was the face of the Health Care movement while in the White House) high level politics for years) of successful politics first as a Governor’s wife and first lady.

    …anywho, just cause he is ‘a brother’ doesn’t mean he is above reproach. Criticism comes with the territory and poor Steve’s overly-simple argument is endemic of some of the problems in the country today… everyone wants it simple and easy to understand without doing the intellectual leg work necessary to make sure something is right!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Very poignant assessment. It’s really revealing how many seemingly intelligent black folks will go along with or even support an agenda based on the most simplistic, uninformed, uninsightful reason (e.i. “he’s ‘black'”). I have to admit that as a black person I find this revelation to be such an embarrassment.

      1. Anna Renee says:

        If you know your history, then you would understand that “the most simplistic, uninformed reason (e.i. ‘he’s black’) is a damned GOOD reason for black people to choose.

        We know that as black people, we have been hunted, debased, killed, burned, hanged, raped, disenfranchised, etc. etc. for the “simplistic, uninformed, uninsightful reason…” of being black. It happens again, and again, and again. So you ought not feel embarassment for black people making this kind of “simplistic” decision.

        1. Travis says:

          You’ve really got to be kidding?!?!? Ever heard the expression “… based on the content of his (a man) character and not the color of his skin…” Dr. ML King. From a strategic perspective voting primarily based on race is not only idiotic and simple-minded but will likely give you elected candidates like Clarence Thomas and Obama. Again, the question begs to be answered… what has Obama done besides be borned mixed, that has earned him the respect and privilege of the black vote. Any failure to provided substantive examples will not only demonstrate my point but will reveal how devoid of merit your perspective should be perceived. BTW, to what historical event or occurrence are you referencing in implying that I am unaware of my history?

          1. Anna Renee says:

            Listen, Travis/Anonymous. You don’t want to go there with me. You might think you have your derail britches tight but not with me.

            When I discuss topics, that’s what I do. I don’t allow myself to get caught up in another persons psychological games. So I don’t need to provide you with a damn thing and that doesn’t prove anything about who you THINK you are, or who you THINK I am, or anyone else commenting in this forum.

            There are alot of trolls out trolling, using their supposed knowledge to bash people, as though that is proof of intelligence. Maybe to the deluded troll it is. Well, I don’t do bashing. I have discussions, I argue my point, I state my opinion, and I prefer people in my forum who can do the same, without resorting to the weak school yard bully tactics, which is sooooooo overdone in politricks today.

            I don’t resort to tired “I know just a little more than you, so that makes you stupid” type games.

            Because Travis/Anonymous, I been, there and have done that and found that it’s utterly meaningless.

    2. Anna Renee says:

      Speak a word, brother Mark! You summed it all up beautifully.

  3. James says:

    Steve Harvey has a right to his view on things,but I’m afraid what we have here is the crabs in the barrel syndrome,

    1. Anonymous says:

      Could your assessment be anymore simplistic? Are you saying that criticisms against Obama have no base or are without merit? Your comment seems to imply a lack of insight that would encourage you to follow someone merely based on skin color which in our current circumstance has proven to be a poor criteria for electing a president.

  4. Anita Moore says:

    I’m sorry friends, but I’m with Steve Harvey all the way. There is no president that has tried to do more for blacks than our current president, but everything he and the dems put on the table has gotten voted down by the other side. So we as a people should place the blame where it belongs. I see in the news everyday, all the pundits talking about these guys need to get along. I don’t see dems walking away from the table, so what the heck are they talking about.
    Back to this bogus bus tour. Tavis been hating for a minute now, his own kind, since he got kicked off of BET and I’m kinda shocked at Mr. Cornel West. I always throught his head was screwed on right, but now I see it isn’t. They both are also going against the Rev. Al and you know in the black community, that’s a no no. I ain’t never seen neither one of these, and I won’t even call them brothers standing at the podium or marching for blacks rights.
    Its not about who Steve Harvey is. Its about what he said. What those two fools need to do is do a bus tour to raise money, eject it into the black communities, and tell the nation about what the president has done, that most are not even aware of and I can name 10 off the top of my head before the house got taken over.
    Our people have been so brainwashed, that they would actually get on a bus and tour around the country, talking about what the black man in office has not done for them and us. Just like they supposedly hired our own to kill Malcolm X, it sounds like a similar setup to me. I call it the Willie Lynch Syndrome. I’m just saying!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Hi Anita! I agree with you that it’s what Steve said, but I believe with all my heart that he said the right thing, but for the wrong reason. His own ulterior motives are at work in his statement.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Please give examples of how Obama has tried to help black and/or working class people. He has consistently made concessions to the right at the expense of the working class. The most revent example being the debt ceiling deal where social service programs in support of the most needy has been cut substantially while taxes breaks for the most wealthiest remain in place, not to mention the billions he’s loaned in support of corporate America. His position or absence of a position on union/organized labor situation is extremely revealing. Please buy a clue. I am not falling for the “good cop (Dem)/bad cop (GOP) routine.

      1. Misy says:

        extended funding to historically black colleges and community colleges, extended Pell grants to low income student, Fair sentencing Act of 2010, Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act (where Black women are affected the most by unfair pay), the consumer protection agency (which blacks and latinos were affected the most by the housing market), settlements for black farmers, and otehr things.

    3. Flygurl007 says:

      I totally support you and Steve Harvey. Tavis is poison if you ask me. I am a well educated middle class african american woman and I do see how our people and our country are suffering. These events were brought about from our previous president yet our current president is still picking up the pieces. It is so easy to judge President Obama when you aren’t sitting in his seat or making the decisions he has to make. They even want to blame him for the alerts given out over Hurricane Irene! Get a life people and support our president and not be disrespectful of the office of presidency! Instead of trying to tear down his presidential office they should be trying to build a stronger unit. But of course that is if they aren’t planning a presidential run themselves!

  5. It was well over thirty years I dubbed the POVERTY PIMP description, glad to wee it resurfacing!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      A pimp is a pimp is a pimp and a simp.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wish ppl would retire the over use inaccurate & trite “crabs in a barrel” syndrom as the reasons why different ppl may see things differently from one another! WEST/SMILEY & HARVEY can all have their own separate views with it NOT be about tearing each other down.

  7. Travis says:

    It’s truly amazing that black folk are rallying in support of Obama with little to no substantive reasons at all. Instead of analyzing some ulterior motive behind Tavis and West’s actions do some real mental work by assessing the merits of their arguments. That’s the most effective and last means to neutralize their actions. The reason why many black folks won’t take the approve including Steve Harvey is because Tavis and West critiques of Obama are extremely valid. Aside from that reason, too many of us are far too lazy to do the research and actually learn Obama’s policy. I can state any number of actions Obama has taken that has been detrimental to black folks throughout the African diaspora. Can any… anyone tell me what the heck has Obama done to earn the allegiance of the black vote? It’s really should be that difficult a question to answer if one is informed. Thank you.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      “…too many of us are far too lazy to do the research and actually learn Obama’s policy…”

      No brother Travis, too many of us have been disenfranchised again and again to trust white politicians, who disenfranchise us by the simplistic reason of being black. Too many of us are fighting to stay alive and survive in the streets of our ‘hoods, trying to put food on our tables and stay sane. But people like you who have time to study ought to be a benefit to black people, not a detriment.

      If you did more CULTURAL research, then you’d understand why black folks choose to bind themselves to Obama. It has nothing at all to do with “laziness” ( “I wish ppl would retire the over use inaccurate & trite”…term) What I wish is that black intellectuals such as yourself would go further in their research, rather than stopping at the sophomoric level of understanding a few political issues, then turning around to call black people LAZY! Why not instead climb to the second rung of the intellectual ladder?

      It’s not LAZINESS, brother, it’s SELF PRESERVATION!! When black folks are attacked based on their Blackness, then we ought to fight based on our Blackness!!! Now we who think we’re intellectual can discuss whether we think this strategy is effective in the case of Obama as our president. I happen to think that it isn’t in this case, for a number of reasons many which jibe with yours.

      Just because you have done “research and actually learned Obama’s policy” doesn’t make you an authority on the reasonings of black folks–thus your extremely simplistic and condescending assessment. I would humbly suggest that you go back to the drawing board and study black psychology from a black perspective–Na’im Akbar, Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery is a good place to start.

      1. Travis says:

        I definitely can appreciate Dr. Akbar’s work he’s a brilliant and insightful scholar. Aside from that your personal assessment/attack of my character is of little concern to me. What I find more interesting is your seeming inability to mention how Obama has done anything lasting and substantive to help the Black and/or working class.

        1. Anna Renee says:

          Brother, reread my position. I never said that Obama has done anything substantive. Go back to the beginning of this blog piece. I clearly state that Steve, Cornel and Tavis are hustlers. That’s what this piece is about. Game! who’s game is tightest. I said in the piece that I was out of the political loop, and don’t follow what Obama’s saying, what his haters are saying, what his lovers are saying.

          With that being said, it doesn’t mean that I will tolerate anyone bashing my readers who DO follow Obama. I believe I understand WHY they follow Obama, and it has nothing to do with LAZINESS, as you state. It’s a psychological question, not a political one.

          My attack/assessment of your character is of little concern to you. Touche. But your attacks of my readers is of the utmost concern to me!

          Now excuse me, while I go and get me some nachos! We be doing Mexican up in my house today! I’m about to get my eat on!

          1. Travis says:

            Ms. Renee I can sincerely appreciate your perspective as well as respect your commitment in creating this blog. Because I am “black folk” and truly love my people I would not define my critical assessment as “bashing” anymore than a family member who with sincere intent, critiqued my personal behavior. My observation although perhaps maybe poorly communicated is extremely valid. I know too many family members, friends, and general loved one’s who spend hours per week engaging in any number of enjoyable yet frivolous activities but will not take the initiative to inform themselves on any number of topics critical to black folk. Because I grew up in a predominantly black city, being around and loving black folks all my life, I know my observation is not some anomonoly unique to me. If we can’t be honest and critical of our own behavior then what’s the point? We as a people have to become more astute than being duped by dishonest politicians be they black or white, but particularly when they walk, talk, and sound like us, merely based on some emotional appeal. If Obama has undelivered in his support of the black community they we need to take the blinders off and admit it. Massive incarceration of black men… unaddressed. Any number of issues that is costing us severely all remain unaddressed. Some say give him time. I personally don’t think we have much time to give.

  8. CareyCarey says:

    Oh lord, y’all got it going on up in here. It seems like we even have a lost – pretend brotha up in here ( I bet he’s married to a white chick). What black person with a right mind would say anything that could possibly lead to one of those white pale white women or Romney to the White House?. Seriously, not because of their skin color, but because of their blantant stupidity, and obvious lack of concern for people of color.

    Now that leads me to Boon Coons 1 & 2, Travis and Cornel. See, although Steve Harvey is a pimp ( I mean, he has shown us his pimpin’ ways on several fronts) and I don’t know his motives behind calling out the big buck and The Preacher Man, nor do I care. I just know he’s saying what’s right.

    Listen, this is how I see it. So they’re on a bus tour kicking up dust? Those 2 released slaves must be getting paid b/c I can’t find any other reason and concrete results behind their chitlin tour. I wonder if they have those two white chicks or Romney on the bus? I mean, what’s their purpose b/c they sure ain’t creating jobs. So they must be driving Mr or Mrs daisy to the White House.

    Yeah, and one of those pasty face cihicks just recently said if the minimum wage was abolished the unemployement rate would go down, and thus that would be good for everyone in the USA. Excuse me, pay those on unemployment 100 dollars a week and er’body be happy – right?

    Madness, pure madness, and those that throw stones at President Obama (for whatever reason) have lost their rabid minds, while they believe they are talking soooooo intellently. They are nothing more than black puppets who love being pimped. then, at least, they believe they are part of the action… and the solution.

    1. CareyCarey says:

      Opps, that should have read, let employers pay their employee only 100 dollars a week, and the employer pockets get fatter while the employee and his family starve to death? Hey, the unemployment rate would go down – right. That sounds like some of that plantation stuff, which equals the mindset (goaL) of the Tea Party and those other racists in sheeps clothing. They not only have hole in their hoods, there’s holes in their game, and every closed eye is not sleep.

    2. Anonymous says:

      CareyCarey, your statement is bonafied ignant. To just plain old suggest that a thoughtful criticism of Obama is “coonin” or “Uncle Tomin” is STUPID. And quite Frankly its projection. I think the Steve Harveys, Al Sharptons, and CareyCareys need to look in the mirror and consider who the real uncle Toms are. Hold him accountable people. Not because he is black but in spite of it. I agree with just about everything Travis has said. The rest of you need to get a clue!. Damn.

  9. Anna Renee says:

    I guess Rodney King spoke in vain when he said can we just get along. This is the reason I don’t do politricks too often because it brings out the ugly in otherwise beautiful people.

    We tend to take the Tea Party approach to politics, without allowing each other their opinions.

    So I’m closing down this particular party. Y’all don’t have to go home, but y’all got to raise up out mah house. Come back when y’all sober up. 😐

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