First published 3-1-10

Do you trust Jesus?  Do you believe Him?  I must admit that there have been times when my faith has wavered.  I have felt slight nagging questions that grew into doubt. Each time this has happened to me, it seemed as though a window opened unto me, showing me a hellish, unprotected existence. If I didnt quickly run to my Bible, I could easily spiral downward into despair. Instead, as I started to read Scripture for about 10 or 15 minutes, I would feel a calming of my spirit.  That window to hell would close again and a feeling of Warmth and love would start spreading in my soul.  Then I would just sit in God’s Presence, where there is fullness of joy! All would be well with my soul once again.   

In addition to my Bible I also have a favorite prayer book from which I pray Scriptures out loud.  This prayer book is a powerful weapon since it’s organized by prayer points.  So even though I have times of doubt, I understand that praying breaks the power of the enemy.  Without God’s weapons of war at my disposal, satan could easily destroy my peace and my life.

Thank God that He has given us these weapons of war to protect and defend ourselves in this fallen world. The Word is our great and powerful gift from our Lord.  It’s perplexing to me when I come across Christians  who are completely disillusioned with their faith in God Himself.  I know that satan was able to distract them from reading the Word and praying.

I have read the words of many Christians who have lost their trust in the Lord because of wickedness that others have done in the name of God.  Unfortunately we humans do all types of evil in Jesus’ name.  But if we get mad at God, we err because we can’t equate God with man.  In times of great trying, we have to remember to trust God “with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding”  (Prov 3:5).

God has given us a free will, and with it comes power and responsibility.  In His mercy and love toward us, He helps us to manage our power, IF we humbly ask Him.  Christians who struggle with their faith because of the wickedness of man should remember that man’s choices have no bearing on the existence of Christ Jesus.  He IS, whether we do right or wrong. 

This is why God tells us not to lean on our own understanding–because it’s flawed! That’s why He told us to have faith in Him and to trust Him because everything in the world can and will lead you away from Him, if you allow it!  That’s why we must pray and develop our relationship with God so we can be strong in Him! Without Him, we have no power to withstand anything the world is more than able to bring against us.

So saints, when those doubts come, trust blindly in the Lord, and not yourselves, no matter what it feels like.  Lean not to your own understanding, go to God’s Word, no matter how you feel.  If you have to, drag yourself to the Word of God.  He will empower you, soothe your doubts and frustration, give you clarity and joy, and ease your mind and spirit! 


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  1. >Anna R., that is my life verse. I sometimes doubt, but it is as you say, nothing like delving into the Word of God to see what HE has to say about things. Me, I've been given bad haircuts, but not because of that will I stop going to the beauty salon to get a haircut. I'll just change stylists. And those who distrust our Messiah because of some loud people who claim they know God better than they do should be treated the same. It's not "what would Jesus do" it's "what did He say? What did He believe?" THAT'S what I aspire to. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Anna Renee says:

    >Hi Crochet Lady! I love your analogy, "I've been given bad haircuts, but not because of that will I stop going to the beauty salong to get a haircut." Just because there are people who don't know the Lord, you ought not to then stop trusting the Lord! It's imperative for us NOT to lean on our OWN UNDERSTANDING! This is so hard because it's our deepest nature to trust in ourselves and our understanding of our world.

  3. LadyLee says:

    >Good honest post. We are kidding ourselves if we say we don't have doubts. (Even Mother Theresa admitted something similar, for which she got criticized for.) But we have to know what to do when doubt shows it's face… that is what's key. Thanks for reminding me of such.

  4. >I found this post extremely helpful. I sometimes myself doubting and am glad to know other people experience the smae things. When I do doubt I try to stop what I am doing and sit down to talk to god. Thankyou for this wonderful post x

  5. Anna Renee says:

    >Welcome LadyLee! Unfortunately, many people are kidding themselves!Let us always run to God's Word andremain therein!Welcome hanatwoshoes! I'm blessed to know that this post helped you.I wanted to be honest about my Christian faith–and show others how I wrestle with God. He has blessed me in ways I know of and ways I have no idea of!

  6. >I was about to log off when I felt the budge to visit you today. I am so glad for that nudge cos it led me to read this blog on Trusting. So much is happening around me now. Good things really and perhaps that is why the doubting demons seem to have multiplied…the second guessing spirits….the 'how will this be-asking' minions…..I told myself what you said here yday and I am glad for the confirmation of my thots via your blog. Bless you Ana Renee!

  7. Anna Renee says:

    >Hi DNW! Bless you dear sister! I've heard it said this way: whenever those doubting demons get louder, its because they are trying to block you from the blessings that God has for you that day and every day!

  8. blackessence says:

    Thank you, Anna…^___^*

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Bless you, blackessence! 🙂

  9. I absolutely love it!

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