Dennis Kimbro – Think and Grow Rich, A Black Choice: Will We?

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Well, it’s been a few days since Black Thursday/Friday happened, and a lot of us spent more money on those sales than we probably should have.  It’s hard to be disciplined when desires have been implanted in our brains for stuff we don’t really need.  Then they offer us a few days a year to herd like wildebeest down to Kohl’s or Macy’s to get those unnecessary things on deep discount – what I am calling the old one-two punch – well we can’t win for losing!  Especially when we think we’re winning!  I’m going to leave that alone for now.

I was recently reading a post by a friend on Facebook about the book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  He posted to remind us black folks that we shoud be working on wealth building.  This book has been a decades long bestseller for those seeking the keys to success and greatness.  It’s about a dirt poor white man who found the keys to success and wrote the book back in 1937.  When I read that brother’s Facebook post, I immediately thought about the book written by Dennis Kimbro in collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, “Think and Grow Rich, A Black Choice“.  This book was so very influential for me back in the days of my entrepreneurial dreams.  Such a powerful book.

Cover of "Think and Grow Rich:A Black Cho...
Cover of Think and Grow Rich:A Black Choice

Dr. Kimbro tells a very interesting story on how he came to collaborate with the Napoleon Hill Foundation for writing this book.  Napoleon Hill had started writing a book about how black people could utilize his insights and develop wealth and greatness for themselves.  At the time he was an old man, and unfortunately, he passed away after only completing the first 100 pages of the book.  That manuscript sat for years, until Dennis Kimbro started his quest to write a book about wealth building.  The Foundation found out about Dr. Kimbro and called him up.  When he met with the head of the Foundation, he asked Dr. Kimbro some questions to test him, and then asked him to put his work aside and finish the work of Napoleon Hill instead.  Dr. Kimbro balked at first, but then agreed if the Foundation would underwrite him.  The head of the foundation told him, if he truly wanted to answer the questions of Why are some rich and others poor, and some successful and others failures, he needed to do the work himself.  No, the Foundation would not underwrite him.  Dr. Kimbro took the challenge.  This lead to the beautiful struggle that he embarked upon to finish the book.  It took him six years and he interviewed many black Americans who had achieved greatness.  Again, this book is a powerful work, and should be required reading for every black person with a BIG seemingly impossible dream.  I know I was inspired by the book.

I recently did some quick research on Youtube and found a number of videos by Dr. Dennis Kimbro, filled with vital wisdom and information.  We have so much knowledge within our race, and we have to choose to utilize it so we can move forward and upward.   I have uploaded a few of the best videos that speak to having the right mindset in order to achieve success and wealth.  I just wanted to put these forward as a counterbalance to our well developed consumerism.  There’s nothing wrong with black folks working towards greatness and wealth building.  Let’s have at it!


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  1. Mark says:

    I have read ‘Think and Grow Rich…’ several times in my life… the videos will only add to the experience!

    It is much more than just a guide to gain wealth… it is a philosophy as well. The readers entire life would have to change and the wealth will come…

    Good looking out, Anna Renee..!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      That’s the key! We have to THINK, differently, positively, relentlessly about success. It is a philosophy, of being able to do anything you put your mind to.

  2. Great post! I am using a quote from Kimbro’s book for my Wednesday Wisdom. Once I finish that post, I’m going to watch the youtube videos, I’m intrigued.

    A. Genise

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Blessings to you Sis!

      1. Same to you:)

  3. It is sooo a powerful book

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