BlogTalk Radio – The Chocolate Teddy Bear Interviews Patrice Rushen!


I was recently visiting my lil blog brother at Qwami’s Musiquarium, where he subscribes to a cool, quiet storm online radio station that is bringing back old school music.  Not so much old school, but actual black music.  You know, music that is real.  Not autotunes.  With real singers, not sexual rodeo clowns who flaunt themselves for the sake of distracting our youth from the fact that the music is spiritual poison.

At my brother’s blog, the station DJ, aka The Chocolate Teddy Bear, who’s bringing us the Rebirth of The Quiet Storm at LOTL radio interviewed Patrice Rushen, Musical Virtuosa – Songwriter, Singer, Pianist, Producer, Educator, Conductor! Funktress! Goddess!   Babyfingers has worked behind the scenes in movies and in television, and her career is long and stellar.

Patrice spoke about the near demise of quality music, and how the great artists of recent times have been swept aside by the corporate culture of greed.  As we know, with the corporation, it is solely money they worship.  However they can warp the arts, that’s what they do, so they can make that money.  They go forth full steam ahead with no interests in music quality whatsoever.

She speaks of how soul music radio stations are becoming obsolete, how music programs have been swept out of the classrooms across America.  She feels that with this demise of music in schools, a huge spiritual chunk of our children’s humanity have been swept out as well.   Patrice speaks about the beauty of the  process: the spiritual nature of even considering an instrument, then the process of finding and having  that someone to mentor you.  That student/master zen thing.  Also the process of the actual learning of the instrument and reaching that place of  creating beauty with that instrument – becoming good at that instrument.  That aspect of humanity is being crushed out of our children in our country.

Straight from the Heart (Patrice Rushen album)

Patrice Rushen knows.  She has had an interesting place in history to see this demise.  She speaks about how the music corporations starting expecting all artists to be mega artists on the level of Whitney and Michael, forgetting that there was special gift of the spirit in those two super talents.  What they did was amazing, not just the norm!   But the corporate execs greedily expected this kind of greatness from everyone.  Not so much the greatness, but the ability to make huge amounts of money.  The art of lyricist is dead in popular music culture.  Art itself is devalued in our culture.  Music is a part of the cosmos, its of the spirit, its part of what makes one human.  As the O’Jays sang, It’s the healing force of the world!

So sister Patrice is talking about what she’s been doing all this time, and why she hasn’t come out with a new album since 2002.  An entire decade, and she is someone who is so prolific!  She tells us that though the music industry puts a roadblock in the way of us enjoying all of our artists,  this is not so in Japan and Europe and other places.   Strangely, black artistry is still revered and supported by a loyal fan base, while we the people here in America, who still love our artists can’t even know when they have made a new album, much less when they are playing venues.  We go without, longing desperately for our artists, and they get no airplay, no love in America and are forced to go overseas.  At least they are not blocked, and so that’s where she’s been.  America’s loss, Japan’s gain.

What’s really going on?

In the meantime,

I’m Nicki Minaj, and I’m a Corporate Slave

Bitches ain’t shit and they ain’t say nothing
A hundred motherfuckers can’t tell me nothing
I beez in the trap, be beez in the trap,
I beez in the trap, be beez in the trap.
Nicki Minaj

I went online and found out that five hours previous to my brother’s posting this interview,  about April 7, Nicki Minaj “dropped” her new video, I beez in the trap.  Lord knows what the subliminal message is in that one.  She is behind barbed wire after all.   Young black men, take heed: while watching the gyrating hips, check out what the message is to your spirit.  Young black women, learn who you truly are, and that you have the power to heal or destroy.  Don’t let the beauty blind you and enslave and destroy your spirit.

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  1. Great Minds think alike. I just had a Back in the Day Friday on my Facebook page! I saluted Girl Groups from the 60s. I can still see that old Victrola in my parents house. Watch the records drop one by one, see the needle descend and hear those reassuring snap, crackle, pops of the 45s!! The Ronettes, The Shirelles, The Marvelettes, and of course the Supremes. In those days Girl Groups and Girl Singers had not only talent, but beauty, grace, charm. Their outfits were tasteful and lovely. Their butts and boobs were covered. They were not trying to stoop low and be a ho’ but fly high and be Queens! Best of all their conduct outside the recording studio was above reproach. Women singers in the 60s & 70s were truly ladylike and well groomed in every aspect of their behavior. Fond memories of days gone by. I feel sorry for this young generation who will never know such class and decorum.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Yes! Great minds DO think alike! We are missing a big part of our hearts with the demise of the artform of black music. Hopefully a full renaissance will come. Many people are trying to bring it about.

  2. @ that …er…last picture and lyrics…yikes!!! Other wise nice article on Mrs Rushen

    1. Anna Renee says:

      I was thinking that photo and lyric might not be such a way to end this article. But it kinda mirrors black music’s abrupt and ugly ending in this country.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Indeed! Lets continue to do.

  3. Reggie says:

    Very very nice!!!

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