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Have I told you all how much I love Youtube?  It is so epic!  Youtube is such a wonderful way to preserve history, and it’s great when we gather only what we need.  I don’t do the negative stuff because my mind is like flypaper and the messy stuff would get stuck in my head for a long time, whether I want it there or not.  So I avoid it.

Over the past year I have been gathering channels to watch since I no longer watch network TV.  My desire to be entertained by watching something has not been completely broken so I cop my fix by watching good Youtubevision.

I love the genre that has been dubbed “reality tv” because I’m voyeuristic like that, and Youtube does it better than anyone in the known universe.  It’s that epic!  What has been catching my eye recently are the love couples.  I love the love couples, especially when they have wisdom or wit or are just funny without being vulgar.

As I watch these couples I notice that their relationships seem so together.  I think it would probably come across in the videos if they were fronting their love.  Here’s a thought:  Couples who do Youtubes together have stronger relationships.

These five couples are my favs.  Tell me what you think of em.





M’s upset at Sunshine because the Barber be flirting with her

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  1. Lin says:

    DAG! You ARE a fanATIC, aren’t you, Anna May? I once used to spend waaay too much time on You Tube, listening to music, checkin out classic vids, getting my Jazz edgaMAcation on. Then, I realized it was causing me to become…ummm… counterproductive, so, I chilled. But you are truly a HARDCORE Tube addict, my Sista! Breeeeeve! 🙂 I wasn’t even aware of those shows & various channels, so thanks for hippin a bruh to em. I’ll holla. 😉


    1. Anna Renee says:

      Nawl, I ain’t FanAdicted!! 😛

      I’ve been doing real good, cause I cut Twitter out pretty much. I still post there for advertising reasons. But Youtube is my replacement for TV.

      These shows are so much better than what was on tv the last time I watched. About a month ago, my son called me to tell me to watch Unsung because Angela Bofill was on. That was the last time I watched. A plus is I get inspired by these youngsters who are doing the doggone thang and building their brands – and making Youtube ducats.

      I’m considering becoming a vlogger, Lin! 🙂

      1. Lin says:

        I love it. Great idea. A.M! You could definitely become another Vlog-Star-Doll-Baby-Bubba (thanks Bootsy!)… & as a tribute to this blog, you could call it sum’m like… “Anna May STILL Be Runnin’ Off At Da Mouff!”

        *ponder* 🙂

        But on the REALLY real, what would be the main content your vlog? Inquiring minds wanna know.


        1. Anna Renee says:

          Anna May STILL be talking, yo! And you know this!

          I’d focus on inspiring us to overcome different issues and mindsets that hold us back. Teaching us to identify and destroy emotional strongholds that keep us stuck, such as fears, self hatred, anger, traumas, etc.
          I’ve been blessed to work with women and men who mentor victims of sex trafficking, drug addiction, the streets and poverty. These things create low self-esteem issues that are hard to break. I’ve always wanted to teach, and people like Nubia I Sutton, Shanel Cooper Sykes, Queen Mother Imakhu, Sister Nojma Reflects and Hedy Schleifer greatly inspire me. Nubia and Shanel don’t have psych degrees and that inspires me as well. We can be psychologists without degrees. It’s then just called healing work.
          I’ve done much study already though. I fall back on my working in the library, the bookstore, in fact my whole life has been one big lesson. Youtube has been my hallowed university! 🙂

          1. Lin says:

            oTAY! THAT right there was a beautiful, & yes, MAD convincing sales pitch! I say DO IT! Dammit, DO it, Anna!

            I hate making comparisons, but here I must: YOU could become like the Oprah Mae Winfrey of Vlog-ville! *ponder* Lawd knows that slot is still left open for someone w/ a serious cause & a worthwhile mission to step in & change lives for the better, one at a time!

            I say GO for, A.M! I’d be a faithful viewer. No doubt just one in a mass.

            DO IT!



            1. Anna Renee says:

              Tag team Oprah Mae and Anna Mae!! Imma go for it, Eastsiiide!

  2. Reggie says:

    There are some good videos here. I particularly enjoyed The Ma’ats. I must admit though that I’ve always liked the idea of the couples blog or even vlog.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      There’s something real sweet about it. They are really close while being real. They are good examples of relationships.

  3. kekemichel says:

    I am familiar with two of the couples, the Honors, and Sunshine and M. I am so impressed with a lot of their discourse. They have a down to earth Afrocentric vibe that I appreciate. It is amazing how mainstream television portrays such pathological and dysfunctional relationships of brothas and sistas, and it really is not getting any better.

    At least we have alternatives to television. I have not owned a television for almost ten years. When I became a vegetarian over ten years ago, I began to make a complete lifestyle change. Getting rid of television helped me tremendously–I took control of my own mind and thoughts, decisions, ideas, and information selection.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog Black Nouveau Woman at

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Yes, I appreciate that they have such good content and know how to market it! I’m down for marketing

  4. blujewel says:

    I love YouTube, but for the musical escape it gives me. I’m a music junkie and I find myself up waaaaaay past my bedtime listening to and downloading music from YouTube as it gives me that fix that nothing else gives.

    I’ve never gotten into the videos you’ve presented, but I’ll give them a go. Thanks for the share

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