Love Never Fails Us!

About three months ago, I started attending a human trafficking training seminar hosted by Love Never Fails,  and held at Allen Temple Church.  This was an intense 8 module course that would disseminate much information on the inner workings of this wicked and fast growing industry.  Love Never Fails set up the courses to give each participant the skills and background understanding to  becoming a highly effective, sensitive and informed mentor of the youth impacted by human trafficking.

Love Never Fails is a non-profit organization that is focused on helping the youth impacted by child sexual enslavement here in the Bay Area.  They are focused on education and re-education, protecting and rehabilitating those young people who have been victimized by domestic sex trafficking or who are at risk for being victimized.  What Vanessa Scott, the executive director of Love Never Fails and all who are a part of the organization are also focused on, is imparting into each youth – in word and in deed, how highly valuable they are to God, and to us, the loving people of the community.  Vanessa and her team are conveying to these young people that they are very precious and that we deeply love them no matter what.

The course was quite intense, being that each module was about 6 hours on average.  The information was hard hitting and quite emotionally draining, with all the statistics and videos that showed glimpses of what is actually happening.  Much of it is parental advisory – how ironic.  What many of us don’t know is that there is alot of raw brutality happening against the girl – from the pimp and from the john.  Most of the pimps “break” the girls in by raping and beating them, as well as verbally, emotionally and spiritually abusing them.

This fight is a battle for the minds and souls of our youth.   And if the youth are truly our future, then it’s a battle against our genocide.  Of course, all races and nationalities of girls are being brutalized in this way right here in America, but black girls are at a higher risk, simply because the black community has more issues of poverty and lack.  It’s poverty and lack that leads most of these young people away from their painful homes, and  into the hands of those who would further abuse and exploit them.  The physical abuse is raping, beating, cutting burning, etc.  The emotional abuse is telling the girls things like:  “you give it away for free to your dog of a boyfriend, you might as well get paid for it instead.”
Or: “Go ahead, go back home to your abusive parents. See how far that gets you.” Or: “Nobody gives a damn about you, except me. I’m your mama, daddy, lover and family.”  The variations of these abusive mind games are endless.  They are perpetrated by pimps on 13 year old girls, and is called “pimp game”.  This is the weakness of these so called men.  Many of the “pimps” are victims as well, and are often recruited at young ages to become victimizers, and come from broken homes rife with poverty and lack. Some of the boys may have been homeless.

The problem of human trafficking, and the poverty that fuels it is enormous, but it’s not insurmountable.   If we join hands, person to person,  organization to organization, whether secular or faith based, no matter what religion, race, nationality or creed, this modern day scourge can be eradicated.

Recently,  President Obama spoke out against human trafficking and pledged that his administration will fight even more diligently against the problem.   With his endorsement, we are now gaining the strategic upper hand.  It’s only a matter of time before we stamp this tragedy out of existence.

Have you joined the fight for the lives of our youth?

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  1. Glen Allen says:

    as a father of three children two girls and a boy.this is a cause that needs a lot of attention and help.this is a cause I would greatly like to stand behind. Please let me know anything I can do. Or who to contactthank you sincerely Glen Allen

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