Straight Outta East Oakland

Oakland California urban literatureI have recently read “Straight Outta East Oakland“, by Rev Harry L. Williams, a hard hitting and profound story about a young man from the deep ghetto, who has a strong desire to go to college, but no resources to fuel his hope.

The young man, Firstborn Walker, is highly focused on going to college in the neighboring town.  Although it’s not far from his ‘hood, it may as well be miles away in what it represents to Firstborn’s life.

But Firstborn has hope.  He also has a plan to get the portion of tuition money necessary to start the next semester.  He and his homies know what to do and get busy doing it.  But will they survive their plan?

Straight Outta East Oakland, Soul Shaker Publishing

6 thoughts on “Straight Outta East Oakland

    1. Anna Renee Post author

      The book is powerful!! And Rev Harry told me that a number of young people have had their mindsets turned around by the book. One young girl went as far as coming to the church looking for Rev Harry. This has had a profound effect on him as well. He knows his calling is writing these powerful books!
      Rev Harry is extremely busy connecting and motivating grassroots organizations that mentor youth. He’s a mentor as well – to the youth and to the young people who lead these youth.


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