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Mister Grinch
Mister Grinch

Greetings my peeps!  I haven’t been talking much these days, at least not at this blog.  I haven’t abandoned this space tho.  My life is just taking me through a lot of emotional twists and turns is all.

It’s interesting how one can have burning passion for doing a certain thing, then that passion wanes, and in its place another rises.  Three years ago, I was on fire for the medium of blogging.  But now my fire is at a very low glow, like that glow that’s covered with ashes in the fireplace that can’t be seen unless one shifts the ashes around a bit.  Then, the reddish glow is exposed.

That’s been my blogging vibe these past few months.  I still have thoughts and things I want to talk about, but many of them get no further than my mind.  I’m talking notes on some of the stuff so that I can jump right back in the blogging mix when the spirit hits me again.

I have not completely shut down, as I’ve been spending most of my blogging time on Facebook, interacting with folks in that forum.  And this past week it has been a very interesting place, with so much passion from many of my fellow Americans.  From those who are rejoicing, to those who are in mourning, America is definitely “that place”, and Americans, “those people”!

But in the midst of it all, what we cannot deny is that this place called America, is undergoing radical and major changes.  Changes in its ideology, in its appearance, in its heart to its people.  Barack H. Obama has been a great polarizing force in this business of change.   But America has not gone forward in a peaceable manner.  For that reason, America has been walked down the plank of CHANGE, and pushed off.  It’s the kind we can believe in, as the saying goes.

The American people voted for this change and they won!  And it will be up to them to implement this change.   Now is not the time to get lazy and think that “the other person” will do the heavy lifting of change, nor should we expect President Obama to part the Red Sea of change with a magic rod and staff.  This change take each and every one of us to do our part.  It’s practical work that will make it work.

Sadly, many people have been emotionally terrorized into fearing this change, and they are in deep mourning right now.  They fear that “their enemies will remember them” as Glen Beck stated so melodramatically.  All that people want is a fair chance to live, not to take revenge.  If a poor person has a choice of revenge against who has harmed them, or an opportunity to uplift him or herself, they will take the opportunity, and simply forgive.

In all of this, I believe that a great veil was ripped, exposing the cold hearts of the super greedy.  Hearts that are two sizes too small.   Tiny Grinch hearts.  It’s this cold bloodedness, that has bamboozled so many white Americans into believing that people of color are their enemies.  Too many have bought into this lie too deeply.   The truth being brutally unveiled may be more than they can take.   Have they, the white Americans, been tricked?  They so believed in the lies of the super rich.  But they have been exposed, and the good people with spiritual eyes to see must come to terms with what they are seeing.

Yes, America is changing, rearranging, and the time just may have come where she is forced to live out her creed, in real time and in deed.  The Dream may be coming true, by any means necessary.


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  1. Reggie says:

    I know how they feel. I remember feeling the same way when Ronald Reagan was re-elected president back in 1984. I was a young man then and not yet jaded by the realities of the world. Even though I expected President Reagan to be re-elected, I was just as pissed……for like 24 hours and then I got over it and moved on. Unfortunately, the people that are upset tonight that Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected WILL NOT get over it.

    People like Karl Rove, Sean Hannity. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are oxygen thieves. Yet so many of my fellow Americans listen to that complete and utter nonsense that comes out of their blathering pie holes as if it’s gospel direct from heaven. This polarization is due to one undeniable fact and that is THEIR president is a man of color. To them he’s a chimp, a monkey, a simple nigger. To me, he’s the hope for both our nation and people of color here and around the world.

    Goddamn them all to hell!!!!

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Interestingly, I heard this in my Sunday School class yesterday morning. My professor can’t understand why we even analyze the situation (Pres Obama’s re-election) from the perspective of an angry white male. I agree with him, but we know that the media is dedicated to the Almighty dollar, and that perspective will sell right about now.

      President Obama did get a majority of the white vote, so let’s hear analysis from THAT perspective.

      1. Reggie says:

        No Anna Renee, I don’t believe that President Obama did get a majority of the Caucasian vote.

        1. Anna Renee says:

          Yeah I just read somewhere that he only got 30% or so. But I read somewhere else that he got 55%. Maybe that was of white women.

          There’s a lot of talk about secession from the Union. Civil war on the horizon? I like what Min Farakkan said, to not go out and rile the white folks up, because they madder than a kicked hornet’s nest.

          How is the white temperature down thar in South Carolinie? It’s seems subdued here in Californie, but I stay inside my house most times. I don’t do much venturing outside the hood.

  2. Carolyn Moon says:

    The secession petitions are coming from the northern regions as well as the south. As I’ve said before; we are witnessing another post-reconstruction crisis of 1877. The ante is much higher than it was when blacks were elected to the legislature. We now have a man of color; the most powerful leader of the free world x2. Times are changing as you say Sis Anna, however, the stakes are higher for those who believe in white supremacy or have quietly benefited from it. The desperation and overt reaction to his initial win and now for another 4 yrs. remains daunting to say the least.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      It seems that it all compares to what must have been the vibe round the time of Abe Lincoln. We’ll see how it all works out. I like the way my Deacon Professor at church describes it as “the five stages of grief” Many will have to go through all five until they reach acceptance.

      1. Carolyn Moon says:

        Surely, the vibe wasn’t good at all. Lincoln lost his life as a result of his efforts to end the war and push the 13th amendment through congress. Following that was KKK and white supremacists terror attacks especially in the south, segregation laws and the civil rights struggle in efforts to be treated with full citizenship. As far as the five stages of grief, many are stuck in various stages and it isn’t always linear. Minister Farrakhan admonishes from the point of the Caucasian’s emotional angst; which remains constant for some and cyclic for others. Optimism and hope are good things, yet, one must not allow them to be unprepared when dealing with a country whose infrastructure was built on racism and white supremacy.

  3. liftingasweclimb says:

    Glad you’re still posting!

    Sadly, I can’t agree that Pres. Obama, himself, is a polarizing force. I think he surfaced existing polarization. And the mystery of why people continue to vote against their own best interests (What’s the Matter with Kansas?) continues to baffle. Frank Rich (http://www.salon.com/2012/10/27/frank_rich_right_will_rage_if_obama_wins/) and Ed Dunn (http://www.dreamandhustle.com/they-realized-they-lost-but-do-you-realize-you-won/) may well be right that things will get more intense – regardless of what we do – before they get better.

    Still there are enormous opportunities for those who are bold: prayer, preparation, action.

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Some love him and some hate him. Few are neutral about Pres Obama. But what I love is how he and his family just pop their collars, and keep it moving forward! They spend no time moaning about their haters. I love that.

      1. liftingasweclimb says:

        Have given this a lot of thought. He and they must be paying a price for all this.

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