Anna Renee’s Birthday Present To Herself

I’m just chilling, on my birthday.  Preparing my mind and spirit to move to the next level.  I want to be an entrepreneur once again.   I recently heard what I want to do described as being a spirit-preneur, and I like it!  I’m rebuilding my spirit to do my own thing once again, and do right this time.

So Youtube will be a part of my get down.  Check out my video, and subscribe to my Youtube page and like and comment as well.  Help me build up my new venue!  That way when I become a huge success, you all can say that you “knew me when”!   HA!   Entiways,  this is a huge leap of faith for me, to even have to courage to post on Youtube.

My son and daughter looked at my videos and told me I need some production helps.  Well, my goal is to do my videos with more skill, which means I need to start learning some thangs.

In the near future I will I need to put up a website and fill it with products.  I’m finally going to put to use the huge amount of research I’ve done on healing, health, herbal and aromatherapy knowledge.  It’s time to be bout it bout it.



My son said I was doing too much with the intro  ;)

21 thoughts on “Anna Renee’s Birthday Present To Herself

  1. Lin

    HAPPY NATAL DAY To YOU, My Friend, Sista & Fellow Capricornian!

    I wish you all the very best as you embark upon this new enterprise. I like the tone, message & method to your madness!

    Also, your vocal personality surprises me a bit. Intelligence, I already expected, so you didn’t disappoint. However, your speaking manner is softer, lighter, gentler, more pleasant-sounding than imagined. And what did I imagine, you ask?



    Well something a tad mo GUT-BUCKET Anna-Maelicious, I guess. ;-)

    N-T-way, have a very Happy & Blessed Natal Day, & may 2013 shine a beauteous beam of Light into your life!




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