11 thoughts on “Holy Ghost Enforcers – Part Three – Soul Winning

  1. liftingasweclimb

    Fun. You might like this from the comedy troupe, the Playmakers1, as well. There is nothing like humor that celebrates and loves African American culture. Word.

    1. Anna Renee Post author

      LOL! Ive seen The Slider, The Elbow Popper, The Bobble Head, The Track Star, The Usher Gate….I done just about seen them ALL!!

  2. BluJewel

    I cam up in church proper and oh, I’ve seen my share of the HGE’s and they are some ish Ms. Anna; some ish I tell you. I’ve also seen them when they thought no one was looking…Did I say, they’re on some ish?

    1. Anna Renee Post author

      LOL! They are a hot one! In my church, we adults get together to study the bible between services. Often, the sister saints will start reminiscing about Sister Mother So and So (whose gone on to glory) who spent her time on earth making the girls pull down their short mini skirts and whatnots. The saints love talking about this particular HGE! :)


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