Farming and Gardening Is Not Slavery, My People!


When I’m out in the ‘hood looking at the various gardens that people put up, I sadly notice that I havent yet come across “us” with a garden or even a container garden in front of our houses or apartments. This is something that I intend to encourage us to do. Grow a garden for food for yourself and your family. Ron Finley, the Gangster Gardener has a saying: “Growing Your Own Food Is Like Printing Your Own Money”. I’m damn sure down for THAT!


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  1. Reggie says:

    My maternal grandfather was a farmer in Alabama. He grew everything from soup to nuts. My paternal great grandfather was a farmer in Mississippi and he grew everything as well. Being a farmer means a lot of commitment and a great deal of work. Having a garden is a little different, but you’ve still got to show it a lot of love.

    I wouldn’t mind having a garden…………maybe I do need one. The work in it would be like therapy.

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