Microphone check!

Anna Renee speaks at community meetingGreetings my peoples!  Wow, it’s been a long minute since I have written a post on this blog!  Since June 2009 when I first got started blogging on Blogger, until the time I switched over to this platform on WordPress, it has been one heckuva ride!  Can I even say that it has been a life changing experience to write my heart and soul out on these blogs?

This gift of free access to self expression is such a valuable thing and I’m very grateful for the spiritual and emotional growth that I’ve experienced because I had access to my own blog.  And in all these 6 1/2 years, I also grew in my social media intelligence.  At the 3 year mark as a blogger, I went ahead and got a YT channel, which has been a fun experience as well. All of this self expression has helped me grow as a person too!

And now I want to come back home to where it started for me.  Although I had not been posting here on my blog, (formerly Anna Renee Is Still Talking),  I was still getting a lot of traffic.  People were still reading all the posts I labored over previously.   And many people were still commenting with passion as well.  Amazingly, over these six plus years, Anna Renee Is Still Talking has amassed almost half a million views!  That’s epic for me, a woman who was silent and voiceless most of her life.  So I’m very proud and humble.

Welp, I’m coming back to WordPress to reclaim this wonderful space, and I intend to post some new and thought provoking articles as is my style.  My goal is to bring together my newly titled YOU ARE LEADERS blog space here, along with my Facebook, Youtube and Instagram spaces!  Yep, that’s me, always heaping a pile on my plate!  Now can I handle this all?  Only time will tell.  😉


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