Racist/Racism Immunity


Snapshot 1 (9-17-2015 4-05 PM) I am realizing that I have developed an immunity to racists and racism.  I felt it coming on and myself growing stronger.  In the past I felt the pain in my deepest spiritual self of each racist slight and each story of racism that I encountered.  The pain was very painful.  I’m sure many of you know what I mean about that pain.  It hurts.  To be hated for no apparent reason can wreak havoc on your soul.  On your very being/spirit.

But these days I’m feeling much less pain, although I come across many many more instances of racism and the racists that perpetuate it.  Maybe it’s an immunity that I have developed because of so many innoculations of the vicious poison of racism.  Which is a good thing for me.

Because I feel stronger, I can turn away from the pain I once felt and turn towards trying to understand why I am hated so very much for my very being.  The answer was laid out many years ago, in a very scientific way by our recently elevated ancestor, Dr. Frances C. Welsing.  (She gets a fast track to ancestor status).  She said it was their fear of genetic annihilation.  They deeply fear being consumed by melanin.  Made non existent by melanin.  It’s this irrational fear that makes them hate with a putrid defiance.  And a murderous vigor.

Yet I no longer fear them.  I realize they fear me.  And it’s not even my place to help them overcome their fear of my melanin.  Not to say I wouldn’t  help them if I thought they truly wanted to be helped.  Yes, I realize that they actually kill themselves in the metaphysical realm for every person of color they kill in the physical realm.  Those cops that kill black people in cold blood actually kill themselves in cold blood.  Let us not forget that there is ALWAYS cause and effect, action and reaction!  I think the heart is ripped from its foundation when one kills because of hate and fear.  How can one consider himself or herself even ALIVE when they have no heart?

These cold blooded murderers are not let off scott free in the spirit realm even though they are in the physical realm and by man’s “laws”.  Please know that they suffer an internal hell in the mind and spirit.  And if they dont, then know that they are already dead.  Walking dead, and what good is living the life of a zombie?  What good are they to their families, friends, colleagues?  Who wants to be intimate with a walking dead person?  Yet they chose police officer as a profession out of so many choices.

And those innocent victims these so called “Officers of the Peace” choose to kill?  They  unwittingly elevate them!  See how this works?  Those black folks who are martyred become powerful inspiration for us to continue fighting.  They give us strength to continue to push toward victory!  Our anger empowers us!  It fuels us!  It even frees us!  The martyred one is now with the ancestors, so they become even more powerful than in life!  See how this works?!  It’s amazing, actually.  So we see how The Most High truly punishes the deeds of the wicked for breaking UNIVERSAL law!  Which reigns supreme over man’s “law”.

In complete ignorance of universal law, they have created their policing systems, filled with mindless drones, obviously programmed to kill.  I’m beginning to believe that these “Officers of The Peace” have been drugged as a price of becoming police. They must be getting innoculations of poisons or strong steroids as a price of being hired.  They look too demented in their eyes not to be on something.  Even the women police are strange in their eyes.  And in their spirits.  Something’s going on with that.  But that’s just my take on it.

In all of this, for me, my job and calling is to continue to hold a magnifying glass to the lies we as black people may believe about being inferior in any respect. Whenever my ancestors give me something to investigate, I go at it to try to uncover the lies,  both open and hidden.  With all the power that I am blessed to have at any particular time, and until the powers are taken away from me by my ancestors.

So in truth, I feel no ways tired.

Happy 2016.


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  1. Very good post! Very informative Anna. 🙂

    1. Anna Renee says:

      Thank you brother!

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