For Us, It’s Community Over Everything Else, And That’s A Good Thing


Anna Renee

Village Life Might Be Superior After All

Greetings of Love and Peace to you!  Thanks for checking me out here and communing with me!  Let me say I deeply appreciate it, because it helps me to be myself.  You help me to be me.  Does that surprise you that I say that?  Well it’s true.   Who would I be if I had no one to be who I am with?  In other words, what relevancy would my life have if I was not a part of you, in order to compare and contrast myself?  How could I call myself a teacher, if there weren’t students in my community?  Or even other teachers?  Who would I be if there were no others?  Alone, I am NOT a teacher and could never be!  In fact, alone, I am no one.  Sounds harsh?  It’s not, really.  It’s just the truth as The Most High has set it up.

And that goes vice versa.  You need me!  No I’m not bragging, I’m speaking a word right now.  In other words, we both need each other!  But many folks in a western society do not understand this basic Universal principle, or law, or truth.  And for that reason, we see the utter chaos and hatred and extreme competition that’s rampant in this society and other western societies.  But NOT SO IN TRADITIONAL AFRICAN SOCIETIES!!  In our traditional indigenous societies, meaning those societies often called “The Village” you see people operating on a high level of spiritual mastery and understanding and acceptance of God’s Universal Law.  They truly understand the power of the term, “go with the flow”.   And these people walk that spirit out by working in UNITY with each other.  They have systems in place to correct imbalances in their groupings.  They compensate for greed, laziness, hatreds, ignorance – all of which are natural human emotions.  In other words, they have COMMUNITY!

So how on earth do these “Village People” do this?  How do they operate on such a high level of mastery and excellence within their communal structure?  How do they get along with each other, even in the face of “poverty”?  Ah, so you wanna know, huh?  Well Mama Sobonfu Some has come right in the nick of time to teach you.  And you are a ready student.  Now isn’t that community right there?


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