The Metaphysics Of Living In “Da Hood”


Metaphysics Of Hood Livin Video

Now here you are in “Da Hood”, and feeling low!  Like your knuckles are draggin  on the flo!  You put handz in yo pocket, only lint in it, and you mad cause you aint got a mint in it!  Wait a minute, keep calm, know your limit!!  Let me remind you to remember you unlimited!   ~ D. J. Love Power Goddess

See how I just did that?  That was straight off the dome, baby!  Im not a bee in the trap but it bees like dat!   OK. Imma stop now.  LOL   But my point is this: there is beauty in the place you are, no matter where that place is.  And the reason there’s beauty is because YOU ARE THERE!  Yezzzzzzz!  It’s you, baby!  You are the reason the place you are is beautiful!  Nod your head to that!  SMILE to that!

If you breathing, there’s hope for you.  But also know this: The place where you are can also be realllll ugly.  No matter where that place is, the hood, the hills, or even the jungle.  REAL DAMN UGLY.  I aint gotta break the reason down to you do I?

En ti ways, check out the video to see what I said about how living in the hood can be a blessing in disguise.  I know, it’s hard to believe such a thing as that.  Oh well. Yep, yep.




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