The Metaphysics Of Repentence – It’ll GetChu Straight

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So you f’ed up.  So what?  We all do, because we all are human beings.  Now if you are an ET, or if I am a sista from another planet, then I would come down on you for making mistakes.  Otherwise we all are going to make them, based on our own internal reference point.  And from God’s Universal reference point.  So get over being upset at yourself.

The cool thing is that we all get a reset.  We can start over again and try to get it right.  That’s OK.  Nothing lost from that.  It’s just this right here:  REPENT.

Ah!  The R word!  Who’s got time for that?  Doesn’t admitting to needing to repent equal being a lesser person?  Isn’t repentance an admission of profound deep weakness within oneself, and should be avoided at all costs?

Well only the spiritually uninitiated would come to that conclusion.  Only those who haven’t fully studied the metaphysical realm – those who have not looked at nature and have sat at her feet and studied her, would come to such a wrong conclusion.  In reality, repentance is a great gift to you and I!  What it is is just a reset button.  And you have the right and privilege to push that button anytime you decide to.


You have to decide to!  And you cant never decide to if you dont first humble yourself.  See how that is?  God always doing stuff like that.  It is what it is.  Go on and just humble yourself and repent.  So you can live your life in a state of joy.  See you on the joy side!

Peace and love


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