Conflict! A Spirit Gift…Yes.


Conflict! There’s so much of it at this time in our human sojourn! This conflict is the cause of so much trouble in the world, sang Bob Marley twenty plus years ago. What I know for sure is that wherever there are humans, there also is conflict. It’s natural, it’s unavoidable, it’s life, so we might as well get used to this thing called conflict.

Because what it is, is relating one to another, albeit on a stressed, insecure, fearful level. Now since conflict is a natural, unavoidable, life thing, is it possible to at least control and guide the parameters of how conflict plays out? Or to understand the TRUE purpose of conflict?

In Ancient African Indigenous high spiritual ways, everything is from Spirit. Even conflict. It is even a GIFT in the Dagara culture of Burkina Faso, West Africa. Conflict? A GIFT?? Let’s do Sankofa, which is to “go back and fetch it”. Let’s go back into our ancient indigenous history and learn how the people of Burkina Faso in the village of Dano dealt so very wisely with CONFLICT. No, they didnt suppress their anger. Yes, they did express their anger! Let’s learn how.


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  1. Daughters of the Dust. Julie Dash. Love this film.

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