Black Vegans Rescue Soul Food From Hungry Appropriators


They do it because they understand fully the importance of protecting one’s foundation.  How can you build it you dont have a foundation, and how can your building stand if the foundation is destroyed?

Black Vegans and Holistic Practitioners definitely understand that their roots are based in Soul Food cooking – I’m talking about the fullness of it; not that badtalk that those who dont know the truth, talk about.  Not the negative soundbites or tweetables that some try to boil our food history down to, talk about.  No.  I’m talking about the FULLNESS of the pots on the stove!  That’s what we are protecting.  Because there are vultures out there, and they like dead things.

But our Soul Food is alive and well, in the hands of Black Vegans who move forward, planting the seeds they carried from our Soul Food History, and reaping a lush harvest of Afro Vegan Soul Food!   Much Respect to you!  *bowing low*

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  1. James McCoy says:

    Well what a surprise to see you’re still writing!

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