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Steve Harvey vs Cornel and Tavis-Game Recognize Game!

Steve Harvey rants on Cornel and Tavis

This video is interesting.

Steve Harvey has come out swinging on Cornel and Tavis!  I have just listened to Steve on his radio show and he is pulling no punches on where he stands concerning Cornel and Tavis, and their Poverty Bus Tour.

I have to admit that I’ve been out of the loop concerning these political wranglings and stuff.  I find that my life is just fine without following every word out of these politicos’ mouths.  So I don’t really know what the Tea Party is saying, what Obama is saying, what his haters are saying or what his lovers are saying.   It is what it is.

Tavis Smiley and Cornel West

But I got to admit that when pimps talk game, I might want to listen, just to see which pimp is up and which is down.  Don’t judge me.  So when I found out that Steve was slamming Cornel and Tavis, I wanted to hear his game!  And to be honest Steve’s game is kinda weak, yadadamean?

After all, President Obama IS the president of us too!

All I can say is Black America, you better peep game, no matter who’s gamin’.  Steve Harvey is getting ready to do a movie of his book, right?


Dave Chappelle, Where Art Thou?

dave chappelle as prince

Dave Chappelle

Remember Dave Chappelle?  He was so doggone funny!  His comedy was so cutting edge and socially conscious but not politically correct in the least!   He became hugely popular, but threw it all away.   People started to question his sanity.  The guy who had us looking at our celebrities in new and outrageous ways, like Prince playin b-ball in full costume,  like Rick James acting a fool and kicking his platforms all over that couch, like the white family called the Neggars, and his endless “doo doo” references!

Yet he turned away from all of the popularity and celebrity, because he was not going to sell himself out just to have it.  He spoke to Oprah about his take on the whole phenomenon of his superstardom, saying that it became a thing where as he kept using the “N” word in his skits, he couldn’t quite tell if his new white audience was laughing with him, or at him.   Deep.

He was definitely one of the last of the really good black comedians of that era.  Definitely one of a kind, and you had to have a strong stomach to take him!  He didn’t really didn’t pull any punches.

chappelle show racial draft

But is he back?  There have been some Dave Chappelle sighting in New York, San Francisco and Oakland CA at a few clubs.  It would be nice if he does return, and on his own terms.  He left the scene on his own terms so I’m sure he won’t return unless he is in control of how he reenters.  It’s hard when you are a hugely talented performer, because you become a commodity that everybody wants a piece of and everybody wants to control.  And when the Powers that be start to come in and try to take control of your talent, they don’t stop until they control your very soul.  I don’t know all the details of what Dave’s situation was back then, but I am glad that he had the guts to walk away from a huge $50 million dollar price tag on his soul!  We ought not be for sale at any price!

So I respect Dave for being willing and able to see past the money.  Believe me, if they were willing to pay him $50 million, then it surely was worth much more than that to them.   Maybe complete ownership of everything he did, with Dave ending up with nothing but concessions and expensive trinkets, but no soul.  Kudos to you Dave, for walking away.  Big Ups!


Brother Dave is looking BIG in more ways than one!  Have you seen a brother lately? Check out the physique!  There’s something special about a brother who has faced a hard spiritual testing, and is forced to go through a period of deep contemplation.  Once that man reaches that new spiritual place, it’s very likely that brother will end up at the gym pumping iron.  He wants to get his physical self to match up with his new spiritual self.  Dave Chappelle surely got sumptin NEW going on all over his body, y’all!  Loookeeng Goood, Mr. Man!    WELCOME BACK!–_he.php


Hey White Boy, White Girl…You Just Earned You a Hood Pass!

]The Black Blogosphere is HARD on white folks!!!

Over the course of 15 months, I have read all kinds of stuff about the utter fail of white people in general and Glen Beck in particular.  We are continuously taking about how bad, wicked, evil, conniving, slick, greedy, racist, selfish, privileged, pale, sneaky, pathetic, ugly, and white that white people are!   I admit that I, even I, have joined in these reindeer games myself–from time to time.   Now I don’t want to give the impression that I believe that there is no racism within the hearts of some of our pale faced brethren, but dayum!  White folks can’t even catch half a break in the black blogosphere!   ;)   We know that there IS alot of  “fail” in the white world, and maybe that ole boy Glen Beck IS five kinds of crazy, but ain’t it time to show some luv to our white brothers and sisters?    Can’t we do that?  YES WE CAN!!!

So I have decided that in commemoration of Christmas and all that it represents,  I will post on some of my favorite white people!  Tis the season, fa la la la la, la la la LA, and all of that kinda stuff, yo!!!

I want to put forth some white folks that we all know and totally love!  In fact when we deal with them, we totally forget that they are white, which is a compliment–sorta like the compliment that Chris Matthews on MSNBC tried to graciously give to the President and we got all offended and thangs.   I just hope that white folks are less sensitive than that!   

(Disclaimer: This is in no way meant to demean, ridicule, put down, or any of that kind of stuff)

Let me start things off by speaking on my favorite sister girl, who is none other than TEENA MARIE!  This girl is so real, so authentic, so daggone soulful, that if you look closely,  you can see that she got some black in her!  Forget about her voice, and look at all that beautiful, blonde ki-nappy hair for one thing!   See, that’s another reason why I love her so!  This sister girl gets a Hood Pass in Oakland!   Plus she gets extra love just for putting up with Rick James!  Check TV One!  Enuf said


Another brother from a paler father and mother is Robin Thicke!!!  Need I say more?  He’s just about as cool as any brother can be, plus he’s married to a black woman, which gets him ghetto star points in Oakland!!  Don’t hate on a brother, con-gra-tu-late!!   Oh Yeah, and the boy can SANG!  His falsetto puts Prince to shame.  Plus when he was on TV One being interviewed by Cathy Hughes, she could barely contain herself and she’s got to be old enough to be his grandmom!!  Ha ha!   But I understand.  When the brother is sangin’  “Lost without you, can’t help myself, How does it feel, to know that I love you baby”,  how can any woman resist, no matter WHAT her age?    :)


You know you love him!!!  Because you know he got a sister to put those cornrows in his head!!!   Well I love him for no good reason, except he infamously caused Janet’s “wardrobe malfunction”!   In other more sensible words, he exposed her right breast for all America to see.  And oh how they were mortified and disgusted by the sight of it!  On that day in American history, Janet Jackson’s horrible right breast had a whole lot of things rising–stomach contents were being upchucked, cholestoral counts, heart rates were rising,  not to mention other things.  And we can thank our bold brother Justin, who thought he was doing America a service when he ripped that pasty offa my girl as he salaciously sang that he’d have her nekkid at the end of his song!!  Justin certainly spoke a word that day!!   It’s all good Justin!   But anyway, our nuveau MJer was hot in that video, wasn’t he?  That song never ceases to get my feet moving every time I hear it, and it never gets old!!   Big Ups to you my brother Justin!!


Cool azzed Ashton Kutcher!!!  Top dawg punker!  The boy got huge cojones hanging from him for punking Triple H the wrestler!  And of course he got him, but GOOD!!   Just like he gets everybody.   I loved the time when he punked Brandy!  I get nervous, though when he punk black folks, because I be waiting for them to go off completely ghetto style and be threatening to bust a cap in somebody!!  Then they’d have to come back to reality when Ashton reveals himself, which, by then, would be too late to save face!  

Anyway you got to love a man who takes another man’s wife, makes her his own, makes friends with the man and lives happily ever after!  My hat’s off to you, dear Ashton!


That pretty boy Gabriel Aubrey.   Halle Berry’s Baby’s daddy.  Halle’s boy toy!   Well I can’t say much about him but that I kinda like him, but I don’t know why.  NO, it’s not his looks, because I think he looks like a hatchet, in opposition to you and the rest of the world!

But I heard alot of brothers was proud of him for being able to get Halle Berry!  A major coup, if I do say so.  Anyway…..


Don’t even front like you don’t like this here brother!  You know you do, because he put his own American patriotic spin on MC Hammer’s Africa inspired baggy pants!!!   This boy was off the chain in more ways than one!  I like him because though he doesn’t get the right kind of credit in my opinion, he is The One who paved the way for ANY white boy with rap dreams to declare, YES I CAN, because Vanilla Ice did!!  This honor will belong to Vanilla Ice for all eternity!  In the year 3123, when they talk about the genesis of white boy rapping, Vanilla Ice’s name will be mentioned, with all the respect due to such an icon and a trailblazer!!!   


Oh, how I loved this sister girl’s vocals!   She’s got an octave range that’s crazy!  I especially love her song, “All woman” and I have to admit that I hardly listened to any of her other songs because this song did it for me!!  When Lisa sings this and hit that extremely low note, the girl just kills it as far as I’m concerned!!!  I never seen a white girl hit such a low note!!   She’s channeling my girl Toni Braxton! 

I found a nice live video dated 2008.  Im not sure if that’s when she performed, but I see her hair is gold and she looks a bit older, but still very classy!  Only problem is that she didn’t hit her high note at the end of the song!!  Anyway, it’s all good, and she still can sang!  IMHO.  I have a soft spot in my heart for white sister girls!!!  Don’t judge me!

He’s home again from another day
She smiles at him as he walks through the door
She wonders if it will be okay
It’s hard for her when he doesn’t respond

He says babe you look a mess
You look dowdy in that dress
It’s just not like it used to be
Then she says…

I may not be a lady
But I’m all woman
From monday to sunday I work harder than you know
I’m no classy lady
But I’m all woman
And this woman needs a little love to make her strong
You’re not the only one

She stands there and lets the tears flow
Tears that she’s been holding back so long
She wonders where did all the loving go
The love they used to share when they were strong

She says yes I look a mess
But I don’t love you any less
I thought you always thought enough of me to always be impressed

I may not be a lady
But I’m all woman
From monday to sunday I work my fingers to the bone
I’m no classy lady
But I’m all woman
And this woman needs a little love to make her strong
You’re not the only one

He holds her and hangs his head in shame
He doesn’t see her like he used to do
He’s too wrapped up in working for his pay
He hasn’t seen the pain he’s put her through

Attention that he paid
Just vanished in the haze
He remembers how it used to be
When he used to say

You’ll always be a lady
‘Cos you’re all woman
From monday to sunday I love you much more than you know
You’re a classy lady
‘Cos you’re all woman
This woman needs a loving man to keep her warm

You’re the only one
You’re a classy lady
‘Cos you’re all woman

So sweet the love that used to be
So sweet the love that used to be

We can be sweet again…

I wonder if there are any more cool white folks we can celebrate for the Christmas Holidays?


Yes there are!!!   Hall and Oates!  Ann reminded me and I had to add them in.  They were just the bomb with all of their hit songs, and in describing the duo, it’s where that term “Blue Eyed Soul” first became familiar to me!

These two brothers have a long discography of popular songs that were played on the R&B radio stations and black folks, y’all know you loved them!!  Don’t even front for half a second!    You all remember Sara Smile, Private Eyes, Rich Girl, Kiss on my List, Maneater, I can’t go for that.  Those songs were hot with just the right soulful edge to each one of them!


These brothers were so good that they appeared at the Apollo and were not snatched off the stage!  Now that’s an accomplishment because I heard the the Apollo was a hard venue.  And not only that, the Temptations was doing their backup!  No comment,  just side eye.